"Marrdro" wrote:
"marstc09" wrote:
I was not expecting Pope. He seemed to be ok in preseason. They must just want to stick with the young guys. Probably a good idea.
I continually look back (and refer) to what this staff has done in the limited time we've had to analyze them and they have shown a trend to stick with the young guy that fits the scheme even though he might not be as experienced or talented as some of us fans think.

With very few exceptions all of the FA Vets brought in are guys that are coming off of thier first contract.

Sometimes I worry about that as at somepoint, alot of contracts are gonna come due but it does give you a team all at or about the same age which IMHO has lead to the team atmosphere we are seeing.

I doubt being the same age is a factor. Teams like the Pats and Colts have players of all ages. The difference I see in the Vikes is leadership, or leaders accepting that role. Moss was/is my favorite player, however, his leadership meathods were more hands off and not as in your face( I beleive that he is a leader and a good one at that).
Nevertheless, I predicted way back when, that Henderson would make the team. I also predicted that DR will make the team and JJ will be cut r moved to the practice sqaud!