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Humor me- Who made the final call to pull the trigger? Provide documentation
You know I can't provide anything of the sort. I, will, offer that a decision of this magnitude isn't done by one man.

Owner - Had to atleast concur with the extra money paid. Assumption is he had to go out to the rest of the ownership group on it as well as history has shown us that he has done that for moves like this in the past.

Byzcheapski - He would have been consulted on the ramifications of the new deal for the Noodle.

PR - I think this is the driving force. The owner was concerned over ticket sales. Lots of articles out there. Who was going to sell more tickets, TJ or the Noodle?

Spielman - My guess is he might have been against it. He did bring in Sage for a reason. Logic would dictate that he would atleast want to vindicate that move instead of letting the HC sway big personnel decisions like this instead of the "GM Like Person".

The team. - Obviously it was discussed with them at some point.

Documentation? Nope. Common sense based on how a actual NFL organization works tweaked a bit to fit the Triadthingamajib, Yes.
I assume this is regarding the flying down to Favreland scenario?

This is what makes sense.

Chilly - "Shit, we need a QB, I was wrong about TJ, but I can't come out and say it"

Wilf - "Shit we need a QB, Favre worked wonders for us last year, I don't know about this TJ fellow"

Rob - "We've got room for another 4 mil in salary.... just sayin'"

Team - "Shit, we need a QB, we want Favre, that dude is Boss"

Spielman - "But look! Sage!"

Favre calling up Allen - "Hey dude, so, I know how much of a pain int he ass TC is, so, I'm thinking, I'm coming back this year, but haven't announced yet. If you want a few days off from that hell, talk that bald asshole into letting you fly down and convince me back. We'll go hunting and fishing and other fun shit. Bring Hutch and Ryan, those dudes are old too and don't need to be there.

Allen, Hutch and Longwell - "Coach, I think we can convince Silver Fox to come back, we loved having him here, and his leadership and ability can be used to build on what we did last year"

Childress - "Ok, you three, go talk him into it. Zygi, I'm sending the three stooges down to Favreland to try and get him back"

Zygi(while maintaining a straight face) - Ok, if you feel that's what you need to do *while secretly jumping for joy on the inside*