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    vikings net best draft class in team history

    my analysis of the vikings 8 draft choices

    #7- Adrian Peterson-RB Oklahoma
    The best running back in the draft by far and one of the better RB prospects to come along in years. Anyone who's seen this guy play knows theres a good chance he will become a superstar if he stays healthy

    #44- Sidney Rice-WR South Carolina
    A tall, fluid reciever with a knack for making big catches. Has number 1 reciever potential and could have stayed another year and been a top 20 pick in the 2008 draft. Should take pressure off Williamson, a potential steal at 44.

    #72- Marcus McCauley-CB Fresno St.
    Has the talent and size to be a top corner, could have been drafted as high as the late first round but slipped due to a less than stellar season last year. Some scouts had him ranked only behind Hall and Revis as the 3rd best corner in the draft. This is a mega-steal in the 3rd round and he should become a starter for the vikes fairly quickly.

    #102 Brian Robinson-DT Texas
    A high motor guy who has great measureables and is a superb athlete. Good enought to be a solid end in the vikes rotation.

    #146 Aundrae Allison-WR East Carolina
    A lightning quick reciever with solid hands who with alittle work should be a legitimate starter in this league. Was ranked as high as the late first/early second round by some scouts due to his gamebreaking potential and should thrive in the slot in Brad Childress WCO

    #176 Rufus Alexander-OLB Oklahoma
    The biggest playmaker on the sooners D last season. Alittle undersized but hes a sure tackler, and has excellent range and closing speed. He's good enough to play the weak side in the vikings cover 2 scheme. An absolute steal in the 6th round, could have easily been a mid-2nd rounder.

    #217 Tyler Thigpen-QB Coastal Carolina
    A project player with alot of upside. Had an excellent senior season and with the right system could become a solid back-up

    #233 Chandler Williams-WR Florida International
    A solid return man with 4.4 speed who could make a splash as an occasional deep threat and special team player. Not polished but has upside

    Alrite so maybe its not their absolute BEST draft class ever, but it has to initially rank in the top 5 . For the first time in over 2 years im genuinely excited about the vikings. SKOL

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    Re: vikings net best draft class in team history

    For sure we had a good draft...good post, but wasn't Robinson drafted as a DE not a DT?

    Thanks Josdin00 for the sig!

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    Re: vikings net best draft class in team history

    It's too early to tell if this is the best class ever.
    If they deliver and help the team win a few more games then they could possibly be credited that but right now it's all biased prediction time.
    But honestly i hope this is the best class ever.
    I hope the Peterson and Rice are not busts and I hope the others provide at least some kind of dimension if not starters at their respective positions.
    However, not to get into an old debate I'm still not sure about the QB position.

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    Re: vikings net best draft class in team history

    Hopefully you're right, but you can't say it is the best ever or even top 5 until we see what they produce on the field.
    Peterson's injury history scares me, but if he stays healthy, he will be a beast.
    Rice, of course has the potential, but the same can be said for Williamson.
    A lot of people here are very high on him, hope they are the ones that are right.
    A receiver named Rice, he has to be good, right?
    As for the rest, I didnt do enough research to offer a qualified opinion.

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    Re: vikings net best draft class in team history

    Let's hope they all make the team and are all HOFers in 25 years! lol

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: vikings net best draft class in team history

    There is a ton of potential based on what they did in college.
    Remember, college and nfl are different speeds and it's all up to how they adapt at better corners and faster, stronger, linemen...
    The jury will be out in about 4 years to see who is still on the team and who is moved on.. But I'm hoping right there with ya!

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    Re: vikings net best draft class in team history

    Round 1 - Adrian is potentially the greatest RB ever for the Vikes...sorry, not to be over enthusiastic; but, as a Husker fan, I can tell you, you do not want to play against this guy.
    Barring injury (I know), this guy will be our best ever.

    Round 2 - Sidney's highlight reel has sparked enthusiasm, but I'm unsure.
    Happy we took him over Jarrett, admittedly due to the fact that I hate Keyshawn and wants no ties whatsoever to him.
    Cautiously optimistic

    Round 3 - Marcus McCauley, I can't see him starting over Griffin or Winfield "shortly."
    That said, I think Frazier will get alot out of him and bring him back to where he belongs.....meaning, a top notch prospect and a good pick in this spot.

    Round 4 - Robison is a guy that will contribute in many ways for many years.
    Robison was another Big 12 pain for the Husk and is a great add for the Vikes.
    I think he will be one of our favorite players in a few years.

    Round 5 - Film suggests Allison as a huge challenge to cover in the right offense.
    This kid could be a significant, upper echelon #2 receiver if (if, if) he can realize his potential.
    5th round steal.

    Round 6 - Rufus...see Robison.
    Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year is not a miniscule moniker.
    The kid can play...and will contribute now.
    I predict he will be referred to as the best 6th Round Pick we have ever made....EVER

    7, and 7...Practice players with potential.

    Don't forget Dan Mozes, the FA center from West Virginia we signed.
    The Rimington Winner was on Sirius with Pat Kirwan today...Kirwan said, "the Vikes signed their successor to Matt Birk yesterday."

    By any measure, we should be pleased that our team is on the right track.

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
    As a matter of fact, I do know

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    Re: vikings net best draft class in team history

    This draft does appear strong and more importantly, it gives fanatics like us hope coming off a 6-10 season with several question marks.
    I can't remember ever feeling quite this satisfied with our overall selections.
    Still, I missed out on a couple guys/positions I hoped we would address, namely O-Line and a big, run stuffing, penetrating DT to succeed Phat Pat.

    I have GREAT expectations for AD, Sidney (I hope we'll be calling him RZ for "Red Zone") Rice, and McC.
    I am really hoping that Mozes can "part the Red Sea" sometime in the future.
    Big shoes to fill if he's indeed the successor to Birk.
    Good stuff all the way though...
    I m Watching You- You may not see me, you may not hear me, but I m watching you...

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    Re: vikings net best draft class in team history

    Save some of this enthusiasm for the season.


    We are more than likely, still, a work in progress and our rooks haven't played a down.

    All I am saying, is when/if times get tough, let's remember to stay positive.

    I am definitely happy with the draft, but these guys still have to prove theselves, not to us, but to the coaches and the team.

    The guy I think we need to step up the most is Rice.
    We need a WR, a number one go to guy.

    AP should be a given.

    We were spoiled last year with the number of contributors we got from the 2006 draft.
    Let's hope for more of the same.

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    Re: vikings net best draft class in team history

    Old vike fan here.
    Use to go by psyshack.
    Just cant seem to get that nic working anymore.

    I was a very depressed Vikes fan.
    Had sworn this my last year of wearing purple.
    But man this draft put new life in me.
    As a Sooner fan,, Ive seen Adrian run at games in Norman.
    Hes a machine!!! And then Rufus.
    I think Im more excited about him than AP.
    Then throw in Rice.
    Im very happy indead!!!

    Im very concerned about Adrains shoulder.
    I felt Stoops lied about it and other health issues alot.
    Im hoping in the care of NFL trainers and Docs.
    The Vikes can get Adrian healthy and tuned up.
    To watch him run at OU and to see how he ran.
    Was nothing short of impressive.

    Rufus is something else.
    He works two yards on either side of the line like a mad man.
    He can be in the backfield one sec.
    Then blocking a pass or wiping out a back for no gain or a lose the next.
    He works a game like a Vegas pit boss does his tables.

    Im wondering now if we could get Mcfadden from the Hogs in a year or so.
    That cats a D.
    Smith and C.
    Carter all in one blistering package.

    For the first time in several years.
    Im once again excited about Vikings football.


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