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    Vikings need to score some playmakers

    [size=13pt]Vikings need to score some playmakers[/size]

    Produced by J. Pinkley and Regina McCombs

    The Vikings need some playmakers. Beat writers Kevin Seifert and Judd Zulgad have some ideas...

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    Re: Vikings need to score some playmakers

    i don't look for them to score playmakers now in the draft..

    but. through FA we should be sitting on 3 playmakers. and with the historicly pleasing view of the front office as due to drafting.. i believe some key players will be picked up, and those players will be set into a mold, shapped, and polished to fit into a winning scheme.. it might be purple shaded hope.. but i bet that if we can get all players buying into the scheme that bchill/coaching staff
    has set up. we'll be on the + side of 500, and well into the playoffs

    if this doesn't make sence.. blame the 1:30 am ending time to my game last nite. and the 7:00 am conference call we had with our office in korea this morning..

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    Re: Vikings need to score some playmakers

    What a couple of yutz's.
    I wonder if they wrote thier own jokes...... ;D

    Malcolm Kelly.
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