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Not much I can disagree with as all of those picks (at least by position) make sense.

Couple of thoughts though....

You didn't address DT?
Doesn't it concern you that we don't have alot of depth there and Phat Pat is getting a bit long in the tooth.
My guess is they will burn a pick on this position someplace.

b. Like that your going LB'r but my guess that it will be a MLB kindof guy.
We really saw how skinny we were at that position when we had a couple of injuries there.

Like that you addressed RB.
CT's future is unclear as well as the hole you mentioned.
Because of that, they might take someone a bit higher than were you have them going.

I hope Loadholt is still there that late in the second.
My guess is that he won't and the FO feels that way as well.
Might be why they are having him in for a visit.
Why do you keep saying that???.. anybody that has 4 guys injured at one position is going to have depth problems... we are good at MLB if anything we need an outside LB to replace Leber eventually...

we had David Herron, EJ, Cirucci and Farewell all get hurt who would have played in the middle that's 4 guys... no wonder we brought in other guys... i think we're good there.. considering all those guys except for farewell stepped in without a noticeable drop off...
Hmmmm, which one of those stellar young fella's do you want to start for EJ if he goes down next year?
Besides, not all of them were injured at the same time.

At some point the staff decided we needed help at the MLB position.
Kindof why I keep saying it...... ;D
actually they were.. farewell in pre-season.. then EJ with 4 games to go... then Herron was plugged in and he got hurt the very next game... IR

Then the next game cirruci was hurt, but during that week we brought in Napo.. and DT for special teams... but yes, they all got hurt at the same time..

plus, Herron was doing a good job until he was hurt... no drop off... and besides, we still have Erin who will have an extra year under his belt...


now that i'm looking at the stats, we probably need to bring in another guy... who can play all positions, bc your right.. behind EJ and farewell, we will prob need another guy... Herron is a st player..

so we both were right..
You crack me up.