Marrdro wrote:
tastywaves wrote:
Very possible on the FA contracts. Hope you're right and CT gets resigned. Wouldn't be surprised, CT has shown that he is willing to be a role player most of his career. Not so bad I guess, get decent dollars, a little fame, and the ability to walk when your career is over.

The RB pool and the ease of introducing a young RB into a team, definitely makes it hard for the vets to get the big bucks. Maybe the easiest position to replace on a team and the most abused.
I didn't realize how deep this RB pool was this year. Some real nice change of pace guys and some real bruisers....

For some reason I have a sneaky feeling we might just see a big bruiser type of cat, who can basically move the pile all by himself, (possibly a cat like LeGarrette Blount, John Conner or Anthony Dixon) picked by the Vikes.

Can you imagine what defenses would think if they had to face LeGarrette and his attitude late in the fourth quarter.
I am beginning to think that myself. With every passing day I personally do not believe CT will be back. I think the Vikings use what they have AP, AY and IJ and draft another 3rd down bruiser kind of back. Then if CT does go to FA that gives the Vikings a little leeway to add via FA. CT is a big part of the offense but I still think decent RBs are a dime a dozen and can be replaced.