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    Re: Vikings look to youth, Draft to bulid!

    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    "UffDaVikes" wrote:
    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    We're likely saving our money for next year when there might actually be some real FA's and they won't be getting paid 80 million dollar contracts with 20 million dollar signing bonuses.

    They will be 100 million dollar contracts with 30 million dollar signing bonuses. The insanity will not end any time soon.
    Maybe we'll be paying some quailty players that kind of money though. And based on our moves this offseason we're going to have some insane number like 50 Million next year especially since we already got the McKinnie and K-Dub contracts out of the way.
    You could be right.

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    Re: Vikings look to youth, Draft to bulid!

    "tastywaves" wrote:
    "Prophet" wrote:
    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    ... I am looking forward to a solid Vikings team once again.
    That's exactly how I see it.
    The flash in the pants superhero big play BS without a solid team is pathetic.
    Unfortunately, the NFL rules make it so the game gets further and further away from the old-school smash-mouth football that I grew up loving.
    I'm still for a solid team that goes out and gets the job done.
    I'm seeing that beginning of that process happening with Childress et al. and I hope it works.
    A force to be reckoned with.

    Before the Challenged Hillybilly Lovers come down on me for being a blind homer think before you post.
    This has been said probably a hundred times or more on this board, but the team isn't as bad off as people like to fantasize about.
    Historically teams that control the clock with a ground game and stop the run are teams to be reckoned with.
    Both of those objectives have been met.
    Now fill in some holes and get the QB/receiving corps involved more and minimize the exorbitant amount of penalites and the Vikings are on their way.
    Six, count 'em, six of the losses last year were by one fricken score.
    There is nothing that I said in this paragraph that isn't a cold, hard fact.

    Pull your heads out of your dimply buttocks and smell a fresh breeze.
    The team may not be that far off from moving into playoff land (you can say that about most of the teams in the NFL).
    They could also easily slide further down from last season.

    The only way to judge the Vikings this year is to let the season play out, however, in the meantime its hard to feel real confident in the upcoming season without some of the holes you mentioned getting filled.
    So far, there has been no progress.
    It is early, the FA is weak, the competition to sign FA's is strong.
    Which leaves to trades and drafts.
    I'll wait and see how it plays out, but identifying people to fill those holes is looking pretty dim right now.

    I for one would welcome a seasoned accomplished WR like Joe Horn (who would be extremely foolish to come to MN).
    Even if he comes at a high price and it is for a short term.

    I don't see this offense evolving at all if there aren't some stud skill players on it.
    TJ needs someone he can count on and I doubt it will be a rookie if he is going to have any success.
    Can't disagree, we'll have to wait and see.
    Yes, it could go either way and every team's losses can be justified by 'what ifs'.
    The offseason is the time for optimism as long as it is tempered in reality.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: Vikings look to youth, Draft to bulid!

    I totally believe in using the draft to build the core of your team and not just buying up names in FA to fill seats, BUT I totally disagree with what the Vikes have done this year. No TE, No #1 WR and pass rush is very iffy. With guys like Randy McMichael and Jeremy Stevens out there why not pick them up when they are proven game changers? Why not a more seasoned and reliable WR? Building these positions in the draft and expecting them to produce from day 1 is crazy to me. WRs are know to take 3 years to really become productive and TEs are pretty much the same way. Williamson and McMullen are our go to guys?? Are you kidding me? Nothing has really changed on offense for the better so far so what makes anyone outside the organization think it will be any better in 2007? I have high hopes already with the stud defense still in tack and the huge potential of T-Jack, but there are so many question marks on offense its a huge downer to me none of the critical areas were really addressed. I would be hugely impressed with Childress if he moved up to grab Calvin Johnson or moved down and grabbed that stud TE Olsen?...

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