This debate has more validity on the side of Childress and the Vikes, IMO.

I don't think the other teams around the League need any more of an advantage than they already have, so why give them gifts like video footage of how our players and/or plays are progressing throughout Camp?
Powers, Sansevere, Zulgad, et al. will have plenty of opportunity to get footage during Chiefs scrimmages and preseason games, so until then, I guess they'll just have to go out and buy a "Journalism For Dummies" book and a thesaurus or something.

I can sympathize somewhat with the Media's point of view, but in the end, I think it comes down to them just being used to having their info spoon-fed to them.

Oh, and as for a stadium.....that campaign to get state funding took a haymaker to the chin with the bridge collapse from a few days ago.
Asking for money to help out with that now would be the equivalent of asking the folks to help you buy a new car right after a tree fell on the house.