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    Re: Vikings interested in big name WR?

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    [quote author=singersp link=topic=42554.msg727127#msg727127 date=1203780566]
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    [quote author=stateVIKE44 link=topic=42554.msg727113#msg727113 date=1203778927]
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    [quote author=SharperImage link=topic=42554.msg726966#msg726966 date=1203736248]
    The Vikings will "almost certainly" make a run at free agents Jerry Porter and Bernard Berrian, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

    Berrian is believed to be No. 1 on Minnesota's list of potential offseason acquisitions. Porter would be a nice fallback as 6'2/220-pound West Coast receiver. D.J. Hackett should also be on the Vikings' radar.

    That just gave me an erection... Could u imagine Benard Berrian to strecth the field..and Jerry Porter as our go to guy..

    Like you didn't have one while reading the posts about Moss.
    Maybe:P...LOL but think about it singer... Tjack with a rocket arm...AD...Berrian...Porter...Rice..Allison
    and what accuracy? 50 yards down the field and 5 yards out of bounds

    i do agree that having porter and berrian would be amazing, and would give us one of the best receiving corp's in the nfc..i really think weve gotta land 2 of these FAs to really make a splash..its clear that nobody available is a big time, bonafide elite #1 pass catcher, but they are pretty gol 'darnit good..if you get berrian to stretch the field, porter as a big body over the middle, rice as an amazing athlete on the outside, and bobby wade subbing in and playing the slot, thats gol 'darnit good for a passing attack (assuming theres somebody to throw them the ball)
    Usually I stay out of the "Moss is gone get over it" arguments but on this one I gotta chime in.... ;D

    Do you really believe that TJ is less accurate that Pepp?

    Moss and Carter made Pepp look good.
    How many times did we hear, "Just throw it up there and I'll go get it" kindof stuff?

    Take another tack my friend.
    TJ doesn't come into play here.
    He can get it close enough for Randy to catch it.
    Hell, I could get it close enough for Randy to catch it.
    Now it's my turn to chime in.

    You do need a fairly accurate QB to catch the ball & Culpepper was quite accurate. The "Just throw it up there and I'll go get it" comment Moss was referring to was he wanted his QB's, Cunningham, George, Culppeper to throw it to him, but above his head so he could out jump his defenders to get the ball. And that is where they threw it. They were not inaccurate overthrown passes by any means, but exactly what Moss wanted.

    We know what happens when a ball is thrown lower & Moss has to try & wrestle & keep the ball away from the defender.

    Also, the "Just throw it up there and I'll go get it" comment Moss made, never meant get it within 5-10 yards of him & he'll catch it like way to many people believe. He never said, "Just throw it over there and I'll go over & get it". It was always about the jump ball & out leaping his defenders vetically.

    Comments members make like just get it within 5-10 yards of Moss & he'll catch it are kaka del rio IMO. Watch the highlights.
    I have watched the highlights.
    Pepp wasn't that accurate.
    If he was he would still be playing someplace.

    Do you think CC made all those shoestring catches on the sideline cause he wanted the ball thrown out of bounds or gol 'darnit near out of bounds....

    Gimme a break.
    kaka del rio my jiggly butt.
    Those boys made Pepp and you know it.

    Crap, now I gotta chime in. ;D

    Pep was accurate.
    Incredibly accurate to be honest, especially on the long ball.
    His problem was that he couldn't read a defense worth a pooh.
    Linehan made Culpepper.
    It certainly didn't hurt that he had a great receiving corps. but I wouldn't say that they made him.
    OK, just because you both say I'm wrong doesn't make me wrong.

    Pepp couldn't read a defense.
    I will agree with that.
    Moss was fast enough to recover/adjust to whereever Pepp threw it especially on the deep ball and if we had a CC catching the short stuff TJ would be called accurate.

    gol 'darnit.
    Feel like I am in a gang bang or something.

    Show me clips where Moss repeatedly went 5-10 yards out of his way to the left or right to catch passes. The majority of the time he just zipped down the sidelines without adjusting much at all.

    The part that we can't see is that Moss had an "extra burst". When moss runs he makes it look effortless, so on TV we are not GOING to be able to see when he turns on the burners, or adjusts his route slightly to catch an inaccurate ball. There were lots of times that I remember where Moss and the DB would be stride for stride, the ball was thrown WAY deep and by the time Moss caught the ball, he was 5-10 yards past the DB without us being able to physically SEE that he adjusted his speed to catch that pass.
    So, I think that there is some credibility that goes along with the statement "Moss can catch anything if you put within 5 yards" But, I also agree that if he is running a short route, and he needs to plant, and move 5 yards to the left or right to catch a ball, he is going to let it go. I'm sticking with Marr on this one and saying that Pepp looked REALLY good when he had Carter (who was willing to go out of his way to catch the short, miss-thrown balls, which too the TV watcher is also hard to spot. We don't know when Carter had to adjust his route to catch a miss-thrown ball) and Moss (who was willing to turn on the burners and go up and fight for a jump ball when he needed). Culpepper was not REQUIRED to be THAT accurate because of the receiving core that he had.

    PHEW.... hope that makes sense.
    You are the man.


    Made perfect sense. I love it when you guys take Marrdro speak and turn it into something even I can understand.

    Excellent post.

    How? If you can't see it, how do you know? LOL!

    Culpepper, Cunningham & George were accurate, you just couldn't see it on TV.
    :P (sarcasm off)

    Granted they all threw inaccurate passes in their careers, name one QB who hasn't?

    But to say inaccurate passes were the norm for Culpepper is kaka del rio.

    His biggest problem was not being able to read defenses & his small hands made it difficult for him to hang on to the ball.
    I just never took you for a Pepp supporter.
    (JK ;D).

    Again, it all comes back to one observation for me.
    When he had recievers like Moss, Carter, Reed, Burleson who could make adjustments, he was awesome.
    When he didn't, he sucked.

    Keep on trying.
    You'll never convince me otherwise unless he puts up numbers on a poohie team like the Dolphins and Raiders without quality recievers to bail him out.

    Long story short, Good QB's can excell without good recievers.
    Crappy QB's can excell with excellent recievers.

    Good QB's can excell without good receivers only if they have good offensive lines. We lost our good line when Stringer died & our line in 2005 wasn't worth a pooh for half a season. Hasn't been the same since. There was a lot more than one factor leading to the dismal early season we had in 2005 other than Moss leaving. The O-Line was a big part of that.

    As far as Culpepper being good on another team now, it will never happen. In case you don't remember, he suffered a devastating in 2005.

    His career ended on that day.
    So true with respect to Korey.
    I think the line is back now.

    Pepp's career ended when he didn't have Moss (or any other quality WR) to throw to anymore.

    (LOL Give up. You'll never convince me of anything other.

    I'm not trying to convince you of anything, only stating my opinion as you do yours.

    Trying to change your opinion is harder than trying to keep Paris Hilton's legs together.

    Remember, when I jumped in I said I normally don't get into these discussions. Now I am mentioned with Paris Hilton and her legs.

    I'm out of this one on that.

    ** Hear's the pitter-patter of feet as Marr runs out the door with wireless keyboard in hand **

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Vikings interested in big name WR?


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    Re: Vikings interested in big name WR?

    [size=13pt]Vikings will look to improve receiving corps[/size]

    Posted by: Jay Louis on February 23, 2008 1:35 PM

    Wide receiver Jerry Porter has exercised a clause to void the last two years of his contract in Oakland, and the Minnesota Vikings, who will be $30 million under the salary cap when free agent season begins, might go after his services....

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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