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Where did you read about his happy feet?
I have yet to see that. I think people put too much stock into throwing mechanics.
His dilivery is fine. I don' tthink you throw 317 completions w/o an int in the SEC with a slow release.
Sometimes scouts need something to pick on. His accuracy is there, the arm strenght his there and the mobility is there. Yet you rather take Ryan who lacks accuracy, arm strenght, mobility and makes poor decisions? Which Qb sounds more like a project?
My bet is Ryan become a Kyle Boller.

Did i mention you questioned Woodsons 1 season of greatness....but Ryan had less than half a season of.
Btw check out Woodson's 2006 stats. I would say 2 great seasons considering he led the KU team to the first bowl game in 22 years in 2006.
No, but Woodson didn't do that either. He threw 11 interceptions that year. Are you trying to sell us a bill of goods that those 11 int's happened within his first or last 10 completions?

I'm not buying it.

He boats the two longest strings of consecutive passes thrown without an interception in school history, producing one stretch of 153 attempts from 2004-05 and then a new NCAA record with a string of 325 tosses without throwing a pick from 2006-07, shattering the previous national mark of 271 throws by Trent Dilfer of Fresno State in 1993.


I believe attempts are factored in, so balance that with completion 63% and decide what you like.

Oh.....and that was the "bill of goods" he was trying to sell us.
Ah, I see it was over two different seasons. I was assuming he meant it was all in 2007, the only year he threw more than 325 times. (He had 11 picks that year).
I was wrong in my assumption.

College stats don't mean a whole lot to me. The pro's is a whole new level & a different game.

Remember when McKinnie came here boasting he hadn't given up a sack in his college career? Hell that didn't last long & he's far from living up to that reputation.

Yeah....wasn't it the first play of the regular season? Seems to me it was. Or at least thats how I remember it. ;D