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    Re: Vikings - Free Agent Prospects

    "triedandtruevikesfan" wrote:
    Wow, so much to pick from.
    In my opinion we do need to look into the QB position.
    Huard might not be a bad pick up.
    He did pretty well for the Chiefs this year while Green was recovering.
    Schaub, well... I wanted him before, but I'm not convinced he would necessarily be the answer that we're looking for.
    Garcia has played solidly since taking over for McNabb, but he's been so hot and cold in his career.

    I don't know that I would trust him to play for more than a year or two and we need to find our QB for the future.
    Not change every year or two.
    Yes, yes I know we have TJack, the almight, but I'm not putting my chickens in his basket.

    I would prefer to stay away from all of those WR's.
    None of them are going to be better than what we have and that says a lot!

    Little IMO would be a great pick up.
    I have a feeling the Rams will resign him though

    If you bring in a FA QB like Byron Leftwich then you are giving him the reigns for years, he is only 26 years old and he will not sign up to be the teacher of a prospect he will want to be the starter and run the offense.

    Garcia is having a good year but Philly had the number 1 offense in the NFL when McNabb got hurt and when Garcia took over the offense was already good and as long as he didn't screw up they had a good chance at winning.

    McNabb stats for 9 and 1/4 games
    2,647 yards passing 18 TD's and 6 INT's
    212 rushing yards 3 rushing TD's

    Garcia for 7 3/4 games
    1,309 yards passing

    10 TD's

    2 INT's
    87 rushing yards

    0 rushing TD's

    Garcia is 36 years old and is a better backup than a starter going into next season at this point in his career, he is not a QB that you want to develop an offense around he is perfect for managing the team if the starter goes down.

    Damon Huard has been in the NFL for 10 years and has started a total of 14 games (8 this year), and he is 33 years old and will be 34 before next season starts he is an unknown and we don't know if this year was a fluke and next year he could completely collapses or looks like a superstar but he is a big risk.

    Schaub is going to cost mega bucks and a 1st and 3rd round pick to get him, and at this point he is no more proven than T-Jack as to if he will be a great NFL QB.

    Childress said in his weekly new conference that Brooks and T-Jack will battle it out to see who the starting QB is going to be next year and that Brad Johnson can come back if he wants to but as a mentor to the starting QB not to compete for a starting job.

    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Vikings - Free Agent Prospects

    And why were Kansas City and Philly's offenses so good this year?

    Philly brought in Donte Stallworth and has a Great pass catching running back.
    Chester Taylor has proven that he's an every down back. We have our apparent quarterback of the future in Tarvaris. We have the beginnings of a great offensive line only missing one or two pieces. We have no good receivers.

    Now why is Kansas city's passing offense so successful?
    They run to set up the pass and then they have a big play tight end that can consistently get 100 yard games in Gonzalez. All the while having a horrible receiving corps.

    We have 3 capable running backs in Moore, Pinner, and Taylor. We sign Gonzalez and Stallworth and our offense as a whole has just taken a huge step forward especially since Stallworth has played a year in a WCO similiar to Childress'.

    We sign a decent 2nd receiver and 3rd receiver and we already have troy and mcmullen to be our 4th and 5th.

    We draft BPA with our 1st rounder. (gaines adams, quentin Moses) Erasmus James comes back next year to help with the pass rush.

    2nd round we go with a RG.

    Offense is fixed. Maybe missing a stud RT but I believe that cook
    will end up being our starter next year. Draft a RG and we're set.

    Defense is good as always just missing that pass rushing defensive end.. Adressed in the 1st round of the draft or out of the remaining FA's.

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