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The former Raven and Panther has kicked off 171 times in his NFL career. He has averaged 67 yards per kickoff and 53 of those kicks went for touchbacks. His touchback percentage is 31%.
Now, letís compare that to Ryan Longwell, the Vikings current kicker. Longwell 1,075 times in his career with 66 of those being touchbacks. That is touchback percentage of 6%. His average kickoff has gone for 61.6 yards.
The combination of more touchbacks and longer kicks should help make the Vikings coverage unit perform much better in 2010 against a schedule that will feature perhaps more elite returners than any other teamís schedule.

Examining A Free Agent Signing

Argue with that you stop watch toaters..... :P

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I'm not saying its out of the question. I'm saying its stupid to use that last roster spot on a guy that participates in 6 plays per game. It's the same reason why I hate long snappers. I would rather have a versatile backup who could fill in for a variety of roles.

V, anytime you fill a roster position with a guy who makes your team better, you do it.

My guess is that the guy who will loose his job is one of our many backup LB'rs who don't do squat but try to cover the short kicks of Shortwell anyway.

Seriously, who would you rather have, a Kicker who improves the team or Erin Henderson?
I value an LB who averages 1.5 tackles per game more than a kicker who can save us 20 yards per game.

1. The LB plays a skill position, he's not a kicker.
2. The LB plays special teams AND defense. The kicker plays on less than 1/3 of all special teams plays.
3. The LB can see play time at 3 different positions. The kicker can see play time at 1.5 max.
4. The kicker can save us yards, but the LB's tackles save us yards too.

All this because we were stymied in one playoff game that we won 34-3. Field position "helped" the Cowboys?

I think a good LB/Safety would have helped them a lot more, and yes, I'm talking about the season, not just one game.

Put it in the endzone and you don't need that cat.....
Oh really?! That simple huh?