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    Vikings Draft Grades...

    Looks like the media is giving the TOA good grades...I've seen mostly B and B+, the only knock being the Quinn-Man-love crowd...

    Here is a headline on

    Board Game: Vikings follow plan and nail their draft!

    And, some reasoning for picking Rice over Jarret...

    "I think it's a little bit of a speed thing," said Spielman. "I think both (he and Jarrett) will excel in the league, but we just felt Rice will fit us better in what we do from a schematic standpoint...he's only 20 years old. We say the definition of a receiver is to receive. We feel very strongly he has unique ability to go up and get the ball in the air."
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    Re: Vikings Draft Grades...

    I'm sorry.... but that picture of Peterson holding the jersey has me grinning from ear to ear. This guy is going to tear sh*t up. Its going to be a good show.
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