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    Re: Vikings Draft grades

    Quote Originally Posted by "Purple Floyd" #1095836
    The only grade you can give them is incomplete.

    Check back in 3 years and you will get a more complete evaluation.
    EXACTLY! i clicked in this forum with the intentions of making this point. lets look at the 2008 draft class.

    2. S Tyrell Johnson
    He has been an on-again-off-again starter since his rookie year. he has is promising moments, but, overall not a great player.

    5. QB John David Booty
    No longer with the team. never threw a pass as a viking and never really looked like a guy who could come in and be a decent player. he was released when Brett Favre was signed in August of 2009

    5. DT Letroy Guion
    He looks to be a starter this season if Pat Williams doesn't return. He has been pretty good in the DT rotation and I think is a very good value for the pick.

    6. C John Sullivan
    Starter since 2009, has had some injury issues and isn't a pro-bowler by any means, but he has been good enough and with the amount of games he's started, the pick is a decent value. I wouldn't mind seeing him replaced as a starter though.

    6. WR Jaymar Johnson
    has shown his value in the return game. he broke his thumb or something last year and was released/reserve so he should at least get his chance to make the team this year. any player nowadays who is still with his team three years after being drafted in the 6th round is a decent value.

    Overall Draft grade: C+
    they didn't make any great picks here, though they did get a couple of small contributors and only one of the 5 guys is not with the team anymore. They didn't have a first or a third due to the Jared Allen trade, which is ok in my books.

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    Re: Vikings Draft grades

    Quote Originally Posted by "battleaxe4cheese" #1095848
    I like our picks and I think Ponder was the best in the draft, yes in the draft. I think Cam is going to be a huge flop. I think Ponder would be best suited to ride the pine for a year. There are better options in terms of immediate success, but Ponder will blow them away in the long run. Ive watched this kid and he will be good.
    Im still concerned with our secondary and dont think we solved it yet. I hope the new TE has an immediate impact for us. Should be interesting season to say the least.

    idk about the best in the draft but i guess time will tell. I do think Rudolph will make an immediate impact and I think higher of Ponder than others do. i've spent an embarrassing amount of time watching youtube videos on Ponder that highlight good plays and bad plays.

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    Re: Vikings Draft grades

    I find it funny that Kiper rips on us for where we drafted a player of need. And McShay dumped on us because we took value picks and didn't address the S position and other Pos. of need. I mean you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

    I liked our draft, we got arguably three players with first round talent in Ponder, Rudolph and ballard.

    We got a player in the fifth round in Burton not a great athlete but could play the nickel and is a solid DB.

    The sixth I beleive got our lineman in love who was was on the Outland trophy watch at the beginning of the year and Fusco who one of the better centers in this years draft.

    In the 7th round we got a big Wr who is raw but is a great athlete.

    I am way happier than last year's draft!!

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Vikings Draft grades

    Quote Originally Posted by "HEY" #1095831
    Singersp is back in business. I love it! :cheer:

    Singersp, you are the unofficial PP.O newsman.... well, next to maybe Marrdro who picked up some slack while you were gone.
    My efforts at trying to carry the role of "newshound" pale in comparison to my good friend Singer.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Vikings Draft grades

    I really liked our draft too.

    Very happy with Ponder even though it was a reach. He would have been gone by 43 so I'm glad we took him when we did. I honestly wouldn't be suprised if he has the best season of rookie QBs this year. Accurate. Throws on the run well. Few turnovers. With our run game and defense we should be able to protect him enough. For what it's worth, Simon Wilcotts on NFLN agrees with me

    I was pissed with the Rudolph pick until I saw some highlights. Wow. I then promptly reminded myself that I was a moron for being upset when we picked Peterson despite having Taylor and picking Harvin despite having Rice. This is a case of picking Rudolph despite having Shancoe. Hope it pans out similarly.

    I don't know anything about the other players but we generally get some value out of our later round picks.

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