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    Vikings begin offseason program

    [size=10pt]Vikings begin offseason program[/size]

    Author: Mike Wobschall,

    Video of Offseason Program included in link

    The rest and relaxation of the offseason is over for Vikings players as the team's offseason workout program has commenced at Winter Park. The 14-week program, designed by Vikings Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom Kanavy and his assistants, is aimed at increasing the players' speed, strength, power and stamina.

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    Re: Vikings begin offseason program

    time to get to work gentlemen
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Vikings begin offseason program

    lol it looked like a home movie more then anything.

    Good to know we're gettin a early jump on the loooooong season.

    Theres NOTHING greater then a Florida Gator!
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    "I am not surprised"."-PurplePackerEater

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