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    Re: Vikings 2008 N F L Draft

    "Garland" wrote:
    "DaVizzles" wrote:
    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    Suggs on paper looks good but he's way more of a 3-4 Linebacker than a 4-3 DE. Definitely would not fit in Minnesota. We need the stud DE, the up and comer safety, and the true threat at WR.
    I actually think he would be a really good fit. He played in a 4-3 in college and all he played was defensive end. He was absolutely dominant also. He had questions about his size coming out of college and they wondered if he would be able to play in the NFL....Well obviously that question has been answered.

    I would rather have Jared Allen but the Cheifs GM basically guaranteed that he would be back in 08 and I bet if they cant get a contract worked out they would franchise him.

    Suggs actually might not be avalible either because he might get franchised also.

    Our 3rd option could be Justin Smith. He is not Suggs or Allen but an upgrade over what we have now.
    I have heard the exact opposite about the cheifs. They are said to be doing a house cleaning and basically starting over especially on Defense. I like Suggs but not sure as well if he would be a good fit here. I think he was more of a product of a good Defense than he was an actually great player.

    But onto the draft. There is nobody that really excites me that woudl be a suyre fire #1 pick yet.
    A first round at QB is not a good idea Unless they have for sure given up on TJ(I wish) and are going to bring in a vet like McNabb who can play 3-4 more seasons and let the QB develop behind him. Get some garbage time when needed, Some Nice RB in the draft this year but not at ak needed. WR. OL. DB? maybe but people are laways climbing and dropping until after the combine so who knows.
    I woudl say lets concentrate on need in FA and then depth in the draft.
    Something nice to add to his resume before free agency. Allen edged out Patrick Kerney, who was held without a sack in Week 17 and finished with 14.5, for the league lead. Chiefs GM Carl Peterson has guaranteed Allen will be back with the club in 2008, and could franchise tag him in February.

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    Re: Vikings 2008 N F L Draft

    Wel lets hope its wrong Allen would be probably one of my top 3 FA pick ups this off season.

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