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    Re: Viking player prediction's

    Why is everyone stuck up Taylor's butt. The guy is unproven and with all likely hood has more of a chance to fail then he does succeed.

    The guy has to show me something before I'm a believer. I was born in the Show me state, So I say show me.

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    Re: Viking player prediction's

    Gotta agree hes gotta prove something but remember priest holmes was unproven coming out of the same offense in BAL and look what hes accomplished, I am just hoping he becomes three quarters that talented. And we will need at least hutch for any of this to even matter. in my opinion.

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    Re: Viking player prediction's

    It could be ANY RB, if he's running behind a Hutchified left side. The other choices of that poll don't seem very likely. If I don't pick Taylor, I'd have to pick OTHER. That other would most likely be another RB, or some monster in the 'D' steppin up big time. Erasmus, K-Will, Udeze or the as yet undrafted LB.

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