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    Re: Vikes' Williamson, Pats' Jackson on Denver's radar?

    "jessejames09" wrote:
    That sure TD drop was the straw that broke the camels back, and I love it. I mean a month ago everyone was still defending him, even when I mentioned he makes an average or $4.5 mil/season.

    Any of these T-will threads (from these last few weeks) are my favorite of all time.

    The day he gets cut (sometime soon), might just be a holiday in my household from now on.
    LOL Jesse.
    I am one of those that defended him because he was doing a better job catching the ball and he did a very solid job blocking down field this year.
    But you are correct.
    The drop in the Denver game broke the camel's back for me and now I am ready for him to go.

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    Re: Vikes' Williamson, Pats' Jackson on Denver's radar?

    b"vikesfargo" wrote:
    Last offseason was huge for TWill. He worked very hard on his vision and catching. He did get better at catching.

    Now TWill needs another huge offseason. This time he needs to work on mental focus.

    It looks like two-time Super Bowl winner Mike Shanahan believes TWill is worth it.

    We should definitely NOT trade TWill. Keep encouraging him. Let's see what happens when he shows up at training camp. If he is improved, great, keep him. Maybe renegotiate his contract. If he is not improved, and his mental focus is still not there, Then trade him. But he will improve a lot.

    TWill will be there. We need to believe in him.
    You make the statement that Twill will improve alot........ what have you seen in 3 years of dropping passes that gives you the slightest idea that he will change his total incompetence? It is nice that you
    support him but lets be realistic with our expectations. The only thing Williamson has done in the 3 years he has been with the team is take up a roster spot. He is a total hack and the team is better off without him......period.

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    Re: Vikes' Williamson, Pats' Jackson on Denver's radar?

    The Vikings owe it to the rest of the league to cut TW instead of trade him.

    No team should have to take on his contract in a trade.

    Back to Denver........ Why would they want to take on his contract?

    The only good thing about the stated rumor in the first post is that it may mean that JW is actually up for a trade.
    That is good for us or another team.

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