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    Re: Vikes Take LB at 12 - Will We All Be Suprised?

    He's a De or a 3-4 OLB. Why would we take him? He can't play OLB in the Tampa 2. He can't play LDE in the tampa too.

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    Re: Vikes Take LB at 12 - Will We All Be Suprised?

    Quote Originally Posted by "Marrdro" #1091160
    Doing some research and listening to "Path to the Draft" on NFLN and something went "Ping" in my pea brain......

    Would the BPA at 12, atleast on the Vikings board, be a LB? Say perhaps the 2nd best LB in the draft (from our good friends at CDS Draft)...........

    #1 Von Miller DE Texas A&M 6ft 2.5in 237 4.50
    #2 Aldon Smith DE Missouri 6ft 3.7in 253 4.75
    #3 Justin Houston DE Georgia 6ft 3.0in 255 4.70
    #4 Akeem Ayers LB UCLA 6ft 2.4in 254 4.80
    #5 Bruce Carter LB North Carolina 6ft 1.4in 241 4.40
    #6 K.J. Wright LB Mississippi State 6ft 3.1in 250 4.59
    OLB Rankings

    I know, to some that would sound silly, but if you think about it isn't really that to far fetched.......

    a. QB - Most pressing need. None worth taking at 12.
    b. DT - Darius, the only 0 tech NT will be gone. Paea, next one of that ilk would be a reach.
    c. CB - Unless there is a run at QB (3) in the top 10, both QB's will be gone.
    d. OT - Top 12 are, by most boards, rated below 15 and sliding.
    e. WR - They tagged Rice. No WR is good enough to go here unless you really like "Hankerson" (and I really really do by the way).
    f. Surely you wouldn't take Ingrim here.

    I tell ya right now, if it isn't a suprise like Wisniewski at Center, then I think we are gonna see a OLB added to the roster.

    Perhaps an Aldon Smith.

    Outstanding natural athlete with an NFL pass rusher build. Long arms and big hands which he uses well to keep blockers off of his body. Explosive off of the ball and fast in pursuit with an excellent closing burst. Protects his legs well and is hard to knock off his feet. Sheds well and stays alive in plays. Dynamic pass rusher who can turn the corner. Times his stunts very well and gets pressure up the interior. Lines up at DT on passing downs and will occasionally stand up as an OLB and drop in coverage. Plays with leverage and holds his ground vs. TEs & Fullbacks and is solid versus the run. Plays hard all the time and has great upside. Has the frame to add more size/strength.
    Lean for a DE and doesn't have much experience as a LB, to which he's suited. Strong but not big enough to stand in versus OTs. Lacks polish as a pass rusher and must improve his technique and develop a counter move inside. Talented but raw.
    Mid-first round pick as a pass rushing DE/OLB with tremendous potential. Will contribute immediately as a situational pass rusher.
    Aldon Smith

    Could you imagine this guy on one side (Sam) with EJ in the Middle (Mike) (heck even Jasper) and Chad on the other side (Wil)

    All the discussion between who needs to be upgrade on defense (DL or DB's) would be an after thought.

    Anyway, just something else to throw out there into the mix that we don't really hear alot about with respect to what the Vikes might do at 12.
    I think I agree with PF's stand on this. Draft the BPA at 12 as we have enough holes to fill, that we will be able to pick up a long term starter.

    I would not be surprised w/a LB. What will surprise me is if we actually draft in the 12 position.
    Why must you defend everything this FO the point of making your self look like a yes man.

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