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"Nebvikefan" wrote:
I am sure the vikes got him for next to nothing and the WR spot is so wide open that anyone that shows they can make plays will most likely be on the team.
The waterboy could go out and lineup, as long as he makes plays, he will probably start over Twill.
I think a big group of nobodys could be fun.
If he did turn out to be the next Gates then the vikes would look like genius's.
If he doesn't do squat, nobody will really care.
I think he will do well.
The article said he is a natural at catching the ball with his hands. Thats the first step.
After 2 years on the team, he might be a good WR.
I am looking forward to wathcing him play.
This guy already sounds better than Troy. Not like that's saying much though.
if this is the answer we are in for a long season, or for that matter many seasons according to perplex.
maybe we should start signing guys straight outta high school so we can develop them completely into our special system that requires players on the roster who can't catch or get open.
who needs talent when you have a kick jiggly butt system and a 3 year plan.
well at least this guys sounds like he's got talent, the only problem is, is it in this sport?
Who told you 'this is the answer'?

What happens regarding the NFL, next weekend, in New York?