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    Re: Vikes on the CLOCK!!!

    "bigbadragz" wrote:
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    "Nebvikefan" wrote:
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    [quote author=DustinDupont link=topic=33271.msg567096#msg567096 date=1177040445]
    [quote author=Nebvikefan link=topic=33271.msg567095#msg567095 date=1177040146]
    I am starting to think that the vikes should trade off of #7 even if AP is there because they might get a lot of offers for AP.
    I think that would be great.
    With one of the 2nd round pics, they should get Aaron Ross because he is a great CB and he is a really good KR too.
    That would fill two needs in one shot.
    I like his attitude too.

    He seems like a winner and a hard worker to me.
    The other picks get Patrick Willis and a WR like A. Gonzalez, S. Smith, or Jarrett.
    y do u think they would give are those pics for him... hes just that good we cant pass on AP
    I just get the feeling that the vikes will trade down no matter who is there.
    I hope i am wrong though because AP will be a all pro for sure.
    I really want them to get him but the way the vikes are, i really think they want to trade down.
    well these are the three options i think are best for the vikes. up and get c.j. we have to sacrifice picks that could address other needs but he could solve a whole lota problems on offense with his presense alone.

    2. trade down and get more picks to address everything.

    wr, de, secondary, right side of the ol.
    there might be takers if a.p. or quinn does fall, and maybe even some for guys like okoye or landry.

    3. stay put and draft a.p.

    if quinn is there, i dont want him, i've said it before, i'll say it again.
    t-jack is the man to go with. landry is not a need and okoye isn't so much either but we could get some nice early picks from teams moving into the top 10 if they want. but if not and the vikes don't wanna pass up getting a.p. how can anyone complain unless he blows out a knee like kijana carter.
    bite your tongue

    anything else happens, i'm probably a bit sad until i see where everything lands.
    yeah i agree with all that.
    especially getting AP.
    i think the vikes would take Quinn if he is there though
    if AP is gone in quinn is still there at 7, i think we would trade down with maimi and get few extra pics cuz maimi is in love with quinn
    i know but miami inevitably getting trent green kinda baffles me.
    cuz they have to give up a pick for him, and will have to give up a pick to us if not more to get quinn so i'm not really sure.
    after them though is there anyone who would wanna move up to take quinn?
    i can't think of any off the top of my head.
    so his value on draft day is not gonna be as good as petersens cuz you have teams like buffalo, tennesse,the texans, green bay, denver possibly that would want petersen.
    but that's the hard part, weighing what you get as opposed to what you could have in petersen.


    yeah that is tru quinn value isnt is good as petersons but if we traded down with maimi and maybe got p.willis and got like there 2 or third or w/e they gave us could help us a lot more than taking quinn becuase we have t jack and we need to give him a chance

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    Re: Vikes on the CLOCK!!!


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