"i_bleed_purple" wrote:
"VikingsTw" wrote:
Quick note on Tyrell, he's doing a fantastic job starting at safety as a rookie. Early in preseason he had 3 TD savings tackles, textbook technique. Last night he played a good game, he swarms to ball and seems to be in the picture on most plays, he had a very nice fumble recovery in which he wasted no time trying to pick up. IMO Tyrell is gonna be an immediate upgrade over Dwight Smith and give M Williams a run for playing time.

I'd say MWilliams will be the unquestioned starter, Johnson is still a rookie after all and will make his share of rookie mistakes, but if he keeps up the great play, I'd feel much more comfortable with him filling in if they do decide to let Sharper go next year.
That might be true but MWilliams has had segnificant injuries in the past. Often highly touted rookie safety's are able to come in and contribute right off the bat and thats exactly what I've seen from Tyrell and to be honest he's been doin some dirty work, cleaing up for guys in the front seven. He's also been mistake free and I think thats a good deal. He's very good off the edge also, something we may plan to do with him. I like all the guys and feel comfortable with the depth at that position.

P.S. The only thing keeping Tyrell Johnson from good play is an injury.