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    Re: Twin Cities Press "Not Hard" on Vikes Draft

    "coreyd" wrote:
    No matter how the draft went there was going to be people in here bitching about it.

    I am happy with what we got and I am looking forward to the season.
    Amen !!

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    Re: Twin Cities Press "Not Hard" on Vikes Draft

    "VKG4LFE" wrote:
    I'll be hard on their draft, I don't think we really helped ourselves. We had a very poor draft in my opinion and did a lot of reaching for players that we could have gotten later. I'm happy with Greenway and Griffin, but was disappointed with our other selections. Oh well, I guess we'll see how we do!
    hey we solitified our oline and we helped out our secondary i think we did great this draft i especilly like the trade for hicks i think we had a great draft and most of you wouldnt be happy unless we got cutler but owell get used to our picks.!!

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    Re: Twin Cities Press "Not Hard" on Vikes Draft

    "PurpleAndy" wrote:
    To the people who think that this was the worst draft in Vikings history, I submit to you:

    2001 Minnesota Vikings Draft Selections

    1. Michael Bennett
    2. Willie Howard
    3. Eric Kelly
    4. Shawn Worthen
    5. Cedric James
    6. Patrick Chukwurah
    7. Carey Scott
    8. Brian Crawford
    1 guy on the team from 2001

    2000 draft
    1. Chris Hovan DT (25th)
    2. Fred Robbins DT
    2. Mike Boireau DE
    3. Doug Chapman HB
    4. Antonio Wilson OLB
    4. Tyrone Carter S
    5. Troy Walters WR
    7. Mike Malano C
    7. Lewis Kelly OG

    0 players left on the Vikings, and I think Hovan was a bust no matter what they say in Tampa Bay.

    1999 Draft
    1. Daunte (11) saved this draft.
    1. Dimtrius Underwood (oh my god)
    2. Jimmy Kleinsasser (good blocker but I do not think of him as a top TE)
    4. Kenny Wright
    4 Jay Humphrey
    5. Chris Jones
    6. Antico Dalton
    7. Noel Scarlett

    1 player left on team, and Daunte saved this draft.

    1998 Draft
    1. Randy Moss (Randy made this a good draft, but it was not that hard of a pick at 21!)
    2. Kailee Wong
    3. Ramos McDonald
    4. Kivuusama May
    5. Kerry Cooks
    6. Matt Birk (this was a good pick, or just odds that they finally found somebody)
    7. Tony Darden
    7. Chester Burnett

    1 player left from this draft on the Vikes.

    4 drafts and we have 3 players left on the Vikes, Randy and Daunte are superstars and both should be playing for the Vikes in a perfect world.
    Even if they were it still would only be 5 players out of 4 drafts and that is pathetic! No wonder we were talent depleted 3 years ago.

    I am hoping that the new organization can do a better job than this.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Twin Cities Press "Not Hard" on Vikes Draft

    The draft wasnt that bad but we had a hell of an offseason, i can tell you that.
    Its not braggin if you can do it!!!

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