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Thread: Trade C. Taylor

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    Trade C. Taylor

    They should have shipped Taylor out once we secured AP in the draft .
    Taylor's great and all, but in Chilly's offense, anyone can average more than 4 yards a carry.

    Our backfield will be fine with a Moore/Peterson 1-2 punch (I still believe Moore never got a solid chance, and the kid is a stud. . .
    career average 4. 8 YPC).
    AP's injury past doesn't mean much anyways, so don't bank keeping Taylor around cause we drafted a gimp (which AP is not, and will stay healthy).
    And if AP does get hurt, then let Mewelde brake ankles and then stick Fiason in to run over peeps.

    Our current backfield is great, and would still be great if we traded Taylor away for say. . .
    Green (LJ is in his contract year and the Chiefs have been shopping him).

    Now you have T.
    Green starting while keeping T Jack's spot warm, and Thigpen our 3rd QB (kid has huge upside).
    Then we could also cut that putz bollinger, savvy?

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    Re: Trade C. Taylor

    : Ok

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    Re: Trade C. Taylor

    Green is likely to be cut, why would we trade somebody under contract with some real value for that?
    He'd be worth a very solid WR pick, but I don't see us giving him up regardless.

    Trust me, I'm a doctor.

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    Re: Trade C. Taylor

    Are you joking?!

    Give away the absolute ONLY bright spot on offense last year?

    That's just crazy talk.

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    Re: Trade C. Taylor

    Peterson hasn't had the best record with staying healthy, and Chester Taylor has proven himself.
    You never know what you are going to get when you draft someone, for all you know he could go down in training camp, and our o-line wasn't all that great last year, so don't be cocky, our right side was like a sieve.
    Don't go making up stupid crap like trading a running back who has a lot left in him for a QB who only has 1 or 2 years left and was pushed out of Kansas City because of a neck/head injury and hasn't played since.
    Pull your head out of your @$$.

    Thanks to PPE for the awesome Sig.

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    Re: Trade C. Taylor

    Ok you convinced me, lets do it

    Did your parents have any normal children?

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    Re: Trade C. Taylor

    I see this conversdation went bad...but...
    why trade or even consider it when he was one of the best in the NFL last year

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    Re: Trade C. Taylor

    No way should they trade Chester. You can't survive in this league unless you have two stud RB's. They will find a way to get both of them a good amount of carries.AP will be a good change of pace for Chester...just think Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes same situation and looked what happend with the Colts(superbowl)

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    Re: Trade C. Taylor

    First of all, there are no guarantees with Adrian Peterson. He DOES have injury issues (missed portions of two seasons with relatively serious injuries in college, those are DEFINATELY issues), so the potential of him getting hurt is still there while taking a pro pounding. Also, he may not even be good! All signs point to him being a good back, but he could be Curtis Enis when all is said and done, so it's good to have Chester here just in case AP doesn't pan out.

    Second of all, having a one-two punch with great backs isn't a bad thing. If AP does pan out, then we'll have a tandem that is just as explosive (if not better overall) than what the Saints had w/Bush and McAllister. Having two potential 1,000 yard guys is great.

    Finally, don't get your hopes up on a quarterback. I don't think anyone on here is 100% sold on Tarvaris, but Childress is hitching his wagon to him. I wanted to draft Quinn or pick up Carr or get someone else as well...but I've faced the fact that TJ is our guy and I am going to root my ass off for him now. Tarvaris is Childress's guy for the future, and no one else will be our quarterback for at least two years. (unless its Brooks this year)

    Just say no to trading good players.

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    Re: Trade C. Taylor

    Wow, that first post went well.

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