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    Re: A Touch of Jason Taylor Talk

    he is being real stuck up lately, oh i dance, oh i wanna act, suck it u idiot, im glad we never went after him, hes
    such a douche bag

    Pissing on the Pack since 08'

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    Re: A Touch of Jason Taylor Talk

    Yeah, I don't think he's exactly expressed, "team attitude" lately.
    And I for one, am too worried about his commitment to football/how many more years question to give up a Future first.
    I'm not arguing that he's not one hell of a player, just that we're looking pretty good at DE already, and that in the long run, I think we might be better off with Ray Edwards getting the experience now and improving for later...add in a first round pick (that's what I saw they wanted), and its a no brainer.

    Darrell Bevell, and had this to say about the challenges the coaching staff will face this season:

    My biggest question is this will probably be the most difficult year of this coaching staff. The reason I say that you have so much talent at every position in terms of evaluating that and finding the best guys to suit upon Sunday. I think that’s going to be your biggest chore.

    There you have it. The Vikings have too much talent — the walls of their Winter Park practice facilities are practically bursting at the seams, as the talent this team possesses is hardly containable.

    Like I been saying...glad I don't have to make those decisions!
    We had a decent team with a lot of young depth/potential.
    FA was real good.
    Draft (getting JA) even better.
    Then possibly the best UDFA list!
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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    Re: A Touch of Jason Taylor Talk

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    You know, I wouldn't complain to much if they went after him, however, a couple of things that come to mind that make me think we aren't interested.....

    He doesn't quite fit the mold of what this staff looks for in a free agent.
    Typically they have gone after guys coming off thier first contract that can contribute for several years.

    This does two things, it lets them spread the salary CAP out over a few years and ensures the guy can be with the team for the long haul.

    He would command another huge contract.
    With a few Vets coming up for extensions, my assumption is the staff will hold off on any more large contracts to keep what CAP they still have for those guys late this year, early next year.

    We would have to give up another first rounder.
    Again, not sure if the staff would put that much value on this guy by giving up a top pick for a player that wouldn't be here for the future.

    Again, all my opinions based on nothing but observations.


    The draft pick we could afford. The huge contract on the other hand...well, we are now pretty thin in CAP dollars. Over all, I think we would be risking to much and getting to little. There is just not enough years left in him, better to let Edwards and Robison develop into future all-pros.

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