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Sorry i don't recall anywhere ever seeing bwade get yards after the catch.. he's strictly and catch and tackle type of receiver... and even worse on punt returns...
Actually that is his role in this offense.


Run short precise routes.
Catch the ball in traffic.
Catch the ball in stride.
Get yards after the catch.

He does all 4 if the QB can get it to him on-time, in stride and on target.

Here are a couple of very interesting reads if you have time.
I really like this one as it gives (Today's NFL Offense) how some of the teams have morphed the "WCO" into thier own version of it.
i like bobby wade, and if we can find a stud #1 receiver, then wade will be a very good slot receiver..it doesnt help to line a good slot receiver outside where he doesnt have the ability to do anything..we didnt use him properly at all this season, but in the few times that he got the ball over the middle, we saw that he certainly can do the job of a slot receiver pretty well


It was like Udeze playing RDE

He just feels more comfortable on the other side of the line

Throw Wade in the slot like he was supposed to be!