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You (apparently) still didn't get it-

What I have SAID is this-

(if you have read the entire thread)

Woah, settle down buttercup.It's going to be a long off season, no need to get stirred up this early in the process.

Due to your situation, take Mallett in the first round at 12---Take Greg McElroy if he is still there in the 7th, which is a possibility--

And Mitch Mustain would be a great street free agent pick up that I think will be available...
If you know the Vikings even one little bit then you would know that the focus should really be on whether we go and get Palmer or McNabb. We are the Vikings and that kind of dumb schitt is what we do.

And I don't think McElroy or Mustain are "camp arms" or I wouldn't have dragged their names up for this discussion. I put them in this discussion on what I think you should ALSO do IF YOU DRAFTED MALLETT, because I'm not fond of using the 12 on him and am looking for INSURANCE, coupled with the REASONS one is a potential 7th rounder and the other an almost definite UDFA. A draftnut (like Marr) might want to investigate what I'm sayin', and that is all I'm sayin'.
We already have the late round insurance with Webb. He might never be a starter but it looks like if nothing else he could develop into a guy who can fill in when the likes of Palmer and or McNabb need to take a few minutes on the sideline for a Viagra I.V drip.

...And I just threw out a couple of examples, and Bart won 5 friggin' championships, and I saw all of them, but I'll be nice and just give you two more, and as a bonus, I'll also just stick to Green Bay for my example (because I'm a nice guy B) )
Damn, you must be an old fart.:P

Kurt Warner. Ever hear of him? Undrafted Free agent GB Packers
Hence the blind squirrel-nut statement earlier........

Matt Hasselbeck. 6th rd pick GB Packers
bad analogy. Never cared for him and don't want him.

Aw crap, better throw his name in there with McNabb and palmer. I guess he is also a perfect fit......

I threw the WR in the thread as a bonus for Marr :P and my rationale for grabbing these two particular QB's is pretty well thought out, including the ability to "hide" one or more of them on your practice squad for developing "properly"-another discussion Marr and I had- without a severe danger of either of them getting scarfed up from the PS like what happened to us with Brohm (2nd rounder, Buffalo "stole" off our PS)
With our long track record of developing QB's we would probably be better served letting another team draft them, "Hide" them on their practice squad, and then sign them to our active roster after they get their training.