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    Top 10 Draft Classes of 2006

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    Re: Top 10 Draft Classes of 2006

    I say the vikings got shafted on this list. Greenway kept us off of it but time will tell.

    The only players we drafted that didnt end up starting(not to mention they all played well when starting) were Greenway and Edwards, and they probobly are 2 of the most talented players on our team. Edwards is young and got pushed around a little but he looks twice the man E. James was in his first year and he was a true junior.

    Other shaftee's on this list that only time will tell on because their great picks were trench/non glamour players:

    Philly(even if Bunkley busts I stick by this)
    Arizona(Linert was just lucky but they had some good picks later on as well)
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    Re: Top 10 Draft Classes of 2006

    Lienhart will be the man in Arizona. Arizona is drafting fine all these years but needs a damn coach.

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