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    Today's Ben Maller is all about the Vikes!

    Hey guys and girls,

    I have no time for posting but I saw this on and I just had to come in my 1 hour of free time today

    Possiblities: Moss, McNabb, Carr

    Tell me if this is posted and let me know your thoughts!

    Thanks, ChiTownVike

    There are also rumors floating and growing stronger from around that league that Minnesota and Tampa Bay could be landing spots in either a trade for Donovan McNabb or as a free-agent destination for Jeff Garcia. The Vikings, who turned to rookie Tarvaris Jackson by the end of the season, make sense because former Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress is now the head coach and a big McNabb fan, and former Syracuse assistant Kevin Rogers is Minnesota's quarterbacks coach. Tampa Bay, under head coach Jon Gruden, also could use a quarterback and either McNabb or Garcia would fit well in the Bucs' offense. ... Would the Eagles really trade McNabb? Unlikely, since they would not get true value for him since he is coming off the injury, and the salary cap hit they would absorb is $3.8 million. ... Then again, the Vikings or the Bucs could just sign Garcia as a free agent. And McNabb would stay put, at least for another year (there would be a very minimal cap hit if McNabb is traded after the 2007 season).

    Some people still think that the Vikings, desperate to retain season-ticket holders and avoid TV blackouts next season, could try to reacquire wideout Randy Moss from the Raiders, with cornerback Fred Smoot possibly part of a trade to Oakland.

    If the Vikings don't end up with free-agent quarterback Jeff Garcia of the Eagles, David Carr of the Houston Texans might be available for a third-round draft pick. Garcia would cost Minnesota nearly $4 million for one year

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    Re: Today's Ben Maller is all about the Vikes!

    This has already been posted and is being discussed in the Truth and Rumors thread.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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