"snowinapril" wrote:
Lots of info in this link to the Star Trib.


This is the third thread I put this link in, seemed more appropriate here.

Coaches take on players, analyst take on players and more.
Great link Sno.

I for one am not surprised by how well we did.
I have been the Raw Raw cheerleader guy for this staff for as long as I have been on here.

Thier picks showed they did thier homework on the players.

The way the kept it quiet on who they were selecting allowed (IMHO) good players to slip as others teams gambled on the same.

The way they took the picks they had and added extra picks not only this year, but next year as well also showed that this staff is not only functional but one of the best out there.

The picks they selected will also add value to this team for years to come.

Strap it on ladies and gentlemen.
Gonna be a fun year.
We will not only be competitive this year but for years to come.

I love this team