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    Re: Thats the end of the draft, What do you think of our picks?

    Peterson, Adrian - RB - Oklahoma- Great Pick, good value. He'll play a good role for us next year as a reggie bush type guy for new orleans last year. Chester took a beating last year towards the end of the year and it was clear that we needed a young bruiser that could come in and play at a high level. Still there are some injury questions. Grade- A- minus

    Rice, Sidney - WR - South Carolina- This is a better pick than most are making it out to be. Rice is VERY raw but has the potential to be that next big guy in the NFL. He draws comparisons to Troy oddly enough but the fact of the matter is that they are completely different receivers. He has good hands, good speed, and reminds me of a young. slower Randy Moss with his 6' 4" lanky frame. However, there is a good chance that he never gets past his rawness. We also picked up another 4th with this
    trade down before this pick which was used to pick up a 6th, 7th, and 3rd for next year. Great value. Grade- B

    McCauley, Marcus CB - Fresno State- This was a great steal in the third round. He is a burner that is great in coverage and should have gone in the late 1st to early 2nd in my opinion. He'll likely be starting at nickel for us next year and will have a good competition with Devonte Edwards in TC. Suddenly our cornerbacks look a hell of a lot better with him on the board. Grade- A plus

    Robison, Brian
    DE - Texas-
    I didn't know much about him pre-draft but he seems to be a good prospect. 2nd day it's important to fill needs rather than draft best player available. I think Robison fills a big need at defensive end. Kind of reminds me of the ray edwards pick last year. But since I really had never heard of him this gets a lower grade- Grade- C plus

    Allison, Aundrae WR - East Carolina- This was one of the steals of the draft in my opinion. He was great value in the 4th round but nabbing him in the 5th was a perfect scenario. Allison reminds me a little bit of a speedier Nate Burleson. He is quick and will play well in the slot next year. Awesome pickup. Grade- A

    Alexander, Rufus OLB- Oklahoma- Another huge steal here. Alexander was a first team all big 12 and big 12 defensive player of the year. That's some great value considering what was on the board. I like him to play some special teams and maybe come in as a reserve for greenway and leber. That being said, we didn't need a linebacker THAT much. Grade- B+

    Thigpen, Tyler QB - Coastal Carolina- Odd pickup. I had heard of him but nothing more than the article about him after our interview with him. I think he makes the final roster above drew henson but you never know. I would have rather had Zabransky or Leak but clearly the staff sees something in him. Grade- C

    Williams, Chandler WR - Florida International- Another guy i've never heard of but hey, it's the 7th round. The more Wide Receivers the better I guess. Seems like a small guy that could return kicks next year. Might make the final roster. Grade- C

    I give us an A for the first day and a B plus overall. I love the Peterson, Allison, and McCauley picks especially. It should be a VERY interesting training camp with the plethora of receivers and other young talent we just added. Here's to an awesome Mini camp, TC, and preseason!

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    Re: Thats the end of the draft, What do you think of our picks?

    Great draft.

    No guard or tackle in the mix. I guess Childress is not ready for a personnel move affecting the right side of the offensive line. Who is this Thigpen? Will he be converted to something else? ESPN said Robison is good on special teams, which makes me ecstatic to have the guy.

    Free agent pickups this year were decent, but not really spectacular. I hope Mike Doss plays up to his potential.

    I'm saying right now that the Vikings will make the playoffs this year and win one game in the playoffs. That's my prediction.

    Go Vikings!

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    Re: Thats the end of the draft, What do you think of our picks?

    "SharperImage" wrote:
    so here is the picks.

    1. Adrian Peterson

    2. Sidney Rice

    3. Marcus Mccaulin

    4. Brian Robinson

    Andrae Allison

    6. A

    7. Tyler Thigpen

    7. Chandler Williams
    Peterson was a pot of gold. Nobody in the NFL should make more of an imediate impact on there new team.

    This pick continues to make more sense as a I read more about him and watch his tape, he's a guy with high production in just two years. Sidney Rice should make a nice target for Tavaris.

    Marcus is a guy with a ton of talent, looked fringe when playing WR's off but he gets a chance to jam them and work from there he's a solid player. Durable football player who plays physical. These are the type of players we need, goodbye Fred Smoot.

    I think it says alot when you move up to get a guy. Robison was the second fastest timed DE in the 40. Good strenthg and high motor, plays with passion.

    Andrae could be a steal, i like the value here. Another WR with good production, he's a caught alot of footballs. Catches the ball well and he's more elusive than Sidney. I look foward to this pick.

    I also like Rufus, he's ANOTHER guy with high production. Paul Posluszny was the only LB with more production in tackles. Also had 10.5 sacks throughout his college carear. Does well in coverage, i think he fits our scheme.

    Not much of a comment on the last two, the WR is another guy who caught alot of footballs and is said to have a good work ethic.

    All in all i like what we did, we drafted for need while taking good football players with alot of production. Several of them are two sport players.

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    Re: Thats the end of the draft, What do you think of our picks?

    day 1 was better than day two. but remember in day two we got that extra 3rd rounder next year form denver, which i thought was a great move.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Thats the end of the draft, What do you think of our picks?

    Honestly, I like them.

    I was a little disappointed with AP, because I have been clamoring for Quinn for a while, but it's apparent now (I know, you told me so) that Childress is hitching his entire wagon (and coaching career) to Tarvaris.

    Thus, Peterson is a good pick. We're taking a risk because of his injury history, but if he can stay healthy (and the collarbone heals 100%) he'll be a great back on our team. I'm excited to see him run!

    The other picks....we addressed corner and pass rushing to a certain extent which is great for our D.

    We addressed the receiver position as well. Rice looks like he could be an instant (near instant?) impact. Allison looks like he has some potential as well. My guess is Williams will be on the practice squad or won't make the team at all.

    I like the Thigpen pick as a possible future quarterback/trade/backup. He's got prototypical size and a great arm.

    I don't think there's much doubt that we got better this weekend, and that, after all, is the goal of the draft!

    IMO, Childress is 2 for 2.

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    Re: Thats the end of the draft, What do you think of our picks?

    Loved this draft.
    I was satisfied by last years and even more so this year.
    I love the first three picks (I am not gonna break down any of the second day picks, too much speculation).
    All had great value and should help the team.
    I wanted AD so I am as happy as a school girl now.

    Remember the article where the local sports writer said the team needed a big name player to be the "Face" of the Vikings.
    The writer suggested Quinn but I couldn't ask for anybody better then AD to be our Face.
    He presents himself much better then Quinn and between him and TJ, they are two of the most modest players I know.

    Rice is a perfect compliment to Williamson.
    If Troy gets his act together we will have a great speed/deep receiver, slot receiver (Bobby Wade) and end zone threat (Rice).
    The fact that Williamson has so far failed is not a result of his school.
    It is his own problem and has absolutely nothing to do with Rice.

    You can now consider me a "Homer" for this upcoming season. I like the teams purification of bad players. I like the FA pickups.
    I love the new rookies and were the icing on the cake for me to be excited about this season.

    All the kids my age pee their pants, it's the coolest.

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    Re: Thats the end of the draft, What do you think of our picks?

    Good picks the first rounds.they definetly addressed some Defense needs being the line secondary and Linebackers,a little confused on not taking chris leak though overall I think the T.O.A. really went out and looked for solid players.

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    Re: Thats the end of the draft, What do you think of our picks?

    It was a great draft that I will give an A for. Peterson will give us an awesome playmaker, we added two Wrs that should further improve the offense, and we filled out our depth at LB and CB while adding more improvement for our special teams, Great job Speilman
    Minnesota Vikings : Simply the best

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    Re: Thats the end of the draft, What do you think of our picks?

    would've liked a o-line man or two, otherwise, this was a decent draft, kind of wish we were on the receiving end of the d. jackson trade though.

    Thanks to PPE for the awesome Sig.

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    Re: Thats the end of the draft, What do you think of our picks?

    Im gonna jump on and all over the band wagon...i loved this draft. We have upgraded our offense seriously!! We now have some depth at those lacking positions and some play makers for special not saying this is our year. But i would like to see us develop an offense that can A - put points on the board, B - command games (and the run is how to do that) and C - show the potential to become a superbowl winning team. I think our defense has the talent and if they all play up to their potential could reak havoc on teams against the run and against the pass...Vikings contenders for 2008/09 season. i just hope we can develop this team into a winning one.

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