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    Teams prepare for turnover

    This is a pretty good article IMO.

    I especially like this quote:

    But with each passing year that building block becomes more like an anchor. In the NFL, ownership of the No. 1 overall pick is the final leftover indignity from the previous seasons' missteps. Like finding a pair of XXXL panties under your bed three months after an evening of especially poor decisions.

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    Re: Teams prepare for turnover

    Excellent read my friend.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Teams prepare for turnover

    It really is getting rediculous how much money is paid out these top 20 or so guys who have never taken a snap in the NFL.
    It makes no sense that the vets and the owners haven't clamored about it.
    The article makes the critical arguement for tethering these contracts closer to the floor rather than the ceiling which is this:
    In a league that prides itself on parity and the notion of "any given sunday" there is a system in place that can just as easily cripple the bottom tier teams as it can help them by allowing rookie contracts to eat up a rediculous amount cap space.

    Its really farking stupid, IMHO.

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