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    Team needs: Minnesota Vikings
    Overview: Still regarded by many as having a nucleus to contend, the Vikings finished last in the NFC North. And that nucleus is aging. The Brett Favre experiment delivered an exciting 2009 season and nearly a Super Bowl appearance, but the franchise now must pay the price for going all in with a signal-caller on the wrong side of 40. Absent a quarterback who can keep defenses honest, the offense will consist of riding Adrian Peterson until he shatters and playing the kind of defense that will create field position and points.

    With the Packers still ascending and the Bears capable of competing and the Lions finally on the rise, the Vikings arguably need much more help than any one draft can yield.

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    Re: Team needs: Minnesota Vikings

    Interesting read.

    12. Minnesota (6-10)
    QB, C, OT, DT, DE, FS, CB, WR
    With 19 FA's and at least 10 players with 2012 expiring contracts that need to be addressed the staff is gonna be really up against it when it comes to what will be needed in this draft and what is the priority.

    Goes without saying that QB is a need. Problem is there aren't any good FA's out there that are available without burning another pick. Blocking scheme will dictate that Sully gets replaced. Phat Pat only gives you about 5 good plays a game. FA issues at LDE necessitate a possible pick for depth. OT's might be better in the new scheme but unless one of the PS players steps up a pick might have to be used to get depth if Cook isn't resigned. Unless a S steps up/emerges like Hussain did last year, another youngster might need to be added for depth. If injuries continue to be an issue, a CB might need to be taken in the latter rounds.

    Note: Added WR to this list based on Caines post. Not sure if they will address this position in the draft based on the tag to Rice.
    Team Needs (Pre Draft/FA Period)

    The yutz that posted this has since dropped C and OT and added LB to the mix after looking hard at what the new coaching staff has had on their rosters pre-Vikings.

    Another interesting thread by the same yutz.

    Are the Vikings an Old Team?

    Old dudes that don't need to come back, with a couple of exceptions:

    Williams, Pat DT 15 - Younger replacement
    Longwell, Ryan K 15 - Younger replacement
    Sheppard, Lito DB 10 - Replacement already on roster
    Leber, Ben LB 10 - Replacement already on roster + Rook
    Ramsey, Patrick QB 9 - Younger replacement
    Walker, Frank DB 9 - Replacement already on roster
    Lewis, Greg WR 9 - Replacement already on roster
    Cook, Ryan T 6 - Younger replacement
    Jackson, Tarvaris QB 6 - ?? Younger Player
    Tahi, Naufahu RB 6 - Replacment already on roster
    Baskett, Hank WR 6 - ?? Replacement already on roster
    Evans, Fred NT 6 - ?? Could be a vet
    Frampton, Eric DB 5 - Younger replacement
    Abdullah, Husain DB 4 - Needs to be resigned
    Henderson, Erin LB 4 - Could be Lebers replacement/resign
    Johnson, Tyrell DB 4 - Younger replacement
    Young, Albert RB 3 - Replacement already on roster
    = 127 years divided by 17 = 7.47 years average
    (bold = starter that needs to be replace)
    With 52 players already signed, 4 or 5 that need to be resigned, I don't think we are really "Rebuilding" nor are we that old.
    Our problem isn't that we are old,.....Our problem is we have to many talented FA's and no clue on how to resign them.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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