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    Team draft capsules

    From the Pittsburgh-Tribune Review;

    [size=18px]Team draft capsules [/size]

    By The Associated Press
    Saturday, April 22, 2006

    Capsules of each team entering the NFL draft:


    LAST SEASON: Cleaned house after a difficult season that included missing the playoffs and the infamous boat party. Fired coach Mike Tice and hired Philadelphia offensive coordinator Brad Childress as his replacement.

    THEY NEED: A playmaking LB, a nickel CB, QB of the future.

    THEY DON'T NEED: Thanks to offseason signings of Ryan Longwell and Tank Williams, kicker and safety are not priorities.

    POSSIBLE FIRST PICK: If they stay put, Sims or Clemson CB Tye Hill would make sense.

    OUTLOOK: With three of the top 51 picks, the Vikings have plenty of ammunition to trade up and could be active early. Hawk or one of the big three QBs would figure to be their primary targets if they make a move.

    The article was copywrite protected. For the full story including all other teams, click below;

    Team draft capsules

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    Re: Team draft capsules

    Yea I am pretty anxious about the 29th. It looks like we will be taking Sims if we stay put, and thats fine with me. He was my most hated college player of all time because my fsu friends were so up his butt. But I will have no problem hopping on his bandwagon if he comes here. As long as he performs.

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    Re: Team draft capsules

    9. DETROIT LIONS (5-11)

    THEY DON'T NEED: Quarterback, running back, receiver, defensive end.


    Well it did´t stop them last year. Go Lions get another WR!

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    Re: Team draft capsules

    Well at this point I hope we still have the option to get Sims. The Eagles could easliy take him. Before the college football season was over, Sims was goin in the second round, now we can only hope to get him at 17. I personally think we should invest in Matt Lienart or Vince Young. I wouldnt move up for Cutler,but I would give up some picks for Matt or Vince.I think we'd be smart to draft a CB in the second round, a pressing need should be addressed with our first rounder.(QB and LB)

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