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    Re: Guess who is coming to Winter Park tommorow?

    All I know is that if we sign Tank...I'll be gettin Tanked that day!

    He is a great SS...he's at equal skill level if not a little better than we'll be fine if we get him....


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    Re: Guess who is coming to Winter Park tommorow?

    Here's the profiles and scouting reports from ESPN Insider on the two players mentioned in the article above:

    Tank Williams | S
    Full Name: Clevan Williams
    Born: June 30, 1980
    Gulfport, MS
    Height: 6-3
    Weight: 223 lbs. Age: 25
    Pos: S
    Experience: 4 years
    College: Stanford
    Drafted: Year:2002 Round:2 Pick:13, Titans

    Grade 71
    Expert's Take: Williams has great size for the safety position. He is a very physical player who is comfortable coming into the box in run support and plays that role like an extra linebacker. He is very effective close to the line of scrimmage and shows good awareness of blocking schemes and good play recognition. He has good foot quickness and good running ability, and he matches up very well with most tight ends and running backs in man-to-man coverage situations. He has good upper-body strength and is capable of re-routing receivers coming off the line when he is in press coverage and intimidating receivers coming over the middle. He takes good angles to the ball in pursuit and is a very aggressive hitter when he gets to the ballcarrier. He is a little stiff in his hips and does not have a smooth transition coming out of his backpedal, and he struggles a little with body control and change of direction. He is more effective the closer to the line of scrimmage he plays, and he still needs to improve his recognition skills and his ability to read companion routes. He still bites on play-action fakes at times, but he has greatly improved in this phase of his play. He shows he can play over the top in a Cover 2 scheme, but he can be late reacting to plays in front of him and is often late breaking to the ball. He needs to become more consistent with his ability to read and react and do a better job of breaking to the ball when it's thrown.

    DeQuincy Scott | DE
    Full Name: DeQuincy Scott
    Born: March 5, 1978
    La Place, LA
    Height: 6-1
    Weight: 260 lbs. Age: 28
    Pos: DE
    Experience: 4 years
    College: Southern Miss

    Grade 68
    Expert's Take: Scott is a situational player. He will come in as a nickel DT on pass rush situation. He good overall athletic ability, quickness and strength. He comes off the ball with an explosive first step, he has good change of direction skills, and he is constantly on the move and he is relentless in his effort to get to the QB. He uses his quickness to work the edges. He is a one-gap penetrator who can get in the backfield and be very disruptive against the pass and run. He uses his hands effectively to shed blockers and he was able to hold the point of attack when he played with leverage. He does a good job getting his hands up in the passing lanes and knocking down passes. The problem with Scott is he is undersize and lacks ideal height and bulk. He will get overpowered when he does not play with good leverage and technique. He was on the ground a lot and he could not hold up the point of attak vs the double team blocks on a consistent bases. He does not have bulk or lower body strength to push the pocket, he was engulfed by bigger offensive tackles and was stalemated at the line of scrimmage when double team on slide protection. Overall, Scott is a relatively young player who is a good backup and he will give adequate depth to the position but he is not an every down player. He is always going to have his limitation but he has been a productive situational pass rusher with a great work ethic and motor.

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    Re: Guess who is coming to Winter Park tommorow?


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    Re: Guess who is coming to Winter Park tommorow?

    "VikesfaninWis" wrote:
    Without Johnstone, the Vikings are a little thin at defensive end, especially a pass-rushing specialist. Also under consideration is the fact that Kenechi Udeze is coming off of microfracture (knee) surgery, with Erasmus James and Darrion Scott the other ends on the roster. Johnstone is still on the free agent market.
    Damn didn't know he had that type of surgery. Most athlete's don't ever recover completely from that.

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    Re: Guess who is coming to Winter Park tommorow?

    Frank tha Tank!!!

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    Re: Guess who is coming to Winter Park tommorow?

    I was listening to the PA & Dubay show on KFAN this morning. They were saying that Childress said there was a DB visiting today, but they had NO CLUE who was visiting. KFAN should subscribe to Viking Update premium to make sure they know what's going on.

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    Re: Guess who is coming to Winter Park tommorow?

    Vikings | T. Williams agrees to terms
    Thu, 23 Mar 2006 13:48:58 -0800

    Adam Caplan, of the Pro Football News and Injury Report, reports the Minnesota Vikings have agreed to terms with free agent S Tank Williams (Titans). Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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    Re: Guess who is coming to Winter Park tommorow?

    "enlvikeman" wrote:
    I just heard it on Nfl radio. Most of you know I don't post bs.

    Here is a clue

    Donald Rumsfeld! :lol:

    Seriously, though. It's a good thing that we signed Tank. Here's why:

    1) We needed to replace Chavous.
    2) After Brian left, we needed another Williams on our defense.

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    Re: Guess who is coming to Winter Park tommorow?

    vikings signed these guys

    Signed quarterback Mike McMahon, who had been with the Philadelphia Eagles;

    signed safety Tank Williams, who had been with the Tennessee Titans;

    signed defensive end DeQuincy Scott, who had been with the San Diego Chargers.
    I don t buy Wisconsin cheese.

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