"fsstangs" wrote:
anyone got opinions on willie offord the dudes on the radio seem to think he is pretty good???? From what ive seen he is capable but I dont get to watch many games being in michael vick country god I hate that dude.
Willie definitely has some potential but I question whether or not he has the speed to play safety. I remember a couple of years ago we had him trying out as a LB during training camp because we had an excess of safeties that year. THat would indicate the man definitely has some size and he can really hit but what I am conserned about is that he is coming off an acl tear (I believe) and I could see that making him pretty rusty and making him even slower. He has made some plays in limited action but Devonte Edwards made a play in limited action this year too and I am not about to hand him over the nickleback spot.