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    Re: So Who Do We Draft Now??

    I think that's too much for Peppers.
    See the last big DE (Kearse) and what his career did late...once it started to slide, it was all down hill.

    I'm big on Philip Merling right now, but have also seen him going as low as No.9 to CIN.
    I think Chris Long and Gholston are both top five picks, so trading up for one of them would be tough.
    Harvey is another good pass rush option, but doesn't fit our LDE need as well, since I do like our depth at RDE...and, he is often projected to go before us too.
    In recent drafts, the trend is that the big, fast guys go early, rare physical specimans, if you will, always seem to go first.
    So, there is a chance, that all our first choices will be gone by 17.
    If the top 4 DEs and the top S are gone, as well as the top DTs and LBs, rather than reach, I'd rather snag a BPA at WR, OL, or maybe even QB (although I think that position will be a later pick)...depending on who is left.
    Then we look for a second tier DE prospect in the 2nd or third, or draft a guy that could potentially give us depth at multiple spots, like Reggie Smith (CB/S), or Trevor Laws (A high motor DT that I think could play LDE if we needed him to).
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

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    Re: So Who Do We Draft Now??

    We dont need to draft a DE at the 17th spot.
    Salt and Peppa are going to rock it this year.

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    Re: So Who Do We Draft Now??

    Lol we need depth in case of injury with Udeze's status up in the air. I really like what I saw out of Robison when he played and who knows how Erasmus will come back. I think they should take one in the first round, but I like the BPA approach if they can't get Merling or Harvey, they might have to address something else or try and trade down to get an extra 3rd or late 2nd or something and still go DE...

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    Re: So Who Do We Draft Now??

    why not draft kellen davis in the 2nd/3rd rd
    he can/could play both ways, and the two positions we need
    TE and DE
    he is a big physical TE with nice hands, and in the beginning of the year he played very well at DE, then they stopped playing him there, just a thought.

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