"Vikingryche" wrote:
Well this thread started out with how will the Vikes screw up this years draft???
Well lets look back at every first round pick since 2000...
Chris Hovan in 2000, Micheal Bennett in 01, Bryant McKinney in 02, Kevin Williams in 03, Keneche Udeze in 04, Troy Williamson and Erasmus James in 05, Chad Greenway in 06.
Those all look like pretty good picks IMOP!!!
Troy Williamson will never be a #1 wr, jury is still out on Udeze, James and Greenway. Havent got to see them too much in action. I also know we have had some pretty good picks in later rounds as well.. Every team in the NFL has had many flops, that were expected to be stars, and many surprises in ones who werent supposed to suceed at this level. How can anyone here knock last years draft when they just finished their rookie seasons..
So in other words last years picks were all a waste.. If you asked me Griffin in 2nd rd was a darn good pick. We dont know how TJack is gonna turn out yet.
The year we took Williamson everyone screamed no lets take Mike Williams, well lets see where his career is today LOL.... It is a total crapshoot... I definitely would not take Jarret or Ginn with 7th pick They are what i would call reaches at #7..Gaines Adams would be nice but will probably be gone then. I would go with Brady Quinn before i would take Jarrett or Ginn.. Just a thought!!!!
And a good thought at that. Last years draft was just fine.I get tired of terms such as 'projected to go in the 6th round'. By who? Some sports writers?
Jarrett and Ginn may work out to be great NFL players. But they are a reach at 7.
BTW I think Ginn is a much better prospect than Jarrett.