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    Snap Judgments: Vikes left to pick up the pieces after Favre debacle

    MANKATO, Minn. -- Musings, observations and the occasional insight on the opening day of a Favre-free Vikings training camp at the Minnesota State University-Mankato ...

    • Here's the question of the day (and just maybe the year) at Vikings training camp: When it comes to trying to consummate a full-fledged romance with a certain retired quarterback, is it better to have loved and lost, than never loved at all?

    The way I see it, of the three options the Vikings had on their quarterback front this offseason, the one they ultimately find themselves dealing with is far and away the one they least wanted to see come to pass. The three choices were:
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    Re: Snap Judgments: Vikes left to pick up the pieces after Favre debacle

    The media is so ridiculous.
    Making it seem as though this is the worst thing that could have heppened to our team.

    How is it any different then when we went after TJ....the media wasnt saying
    uh-oh Childress has no faith in Berrian.
    However now its we have no faith in our QBs and theres this huge mess with wounded pride.
    And if there is wounded pride, I dont know where it came from.
    Neither of those guys has played well enough to get an ego.

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    Re: Snap Judgments: Vikes left to pick up the pieces after Favre debacle

    • There's some natural curiosity to see which quarterback -- Jackson or Rosenfels -- takes the opening first-team snaps of the first training camp practice Friday morning in Mankato...

    Childress said the subject of establishing who takes the first reps is a matter of some debate. "We've been talking about it as a staff,' he said. "And I got the owners involved in this. We talking about a coin flip, rock, paper, scissors, or drawing straws for who takes the first snap for the first group.

    "We want to make sure it's something fair. One of the three. We might come up with something different tonight, pitching horse shoes or something.'

    How about slipping up and shouting "Brett Favre!' behind both of them, and the one who flinches the least gets the first-team reps?

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