"jkjuggalo" wrote:
I believe that Marrdro is referring to my mock, which also has Gholston going #1.

He is exactly the type of player Parcells loves: a physical specimen that plays with a high motor and has great production (see LT and D. Ware).
I'm with you on Gholston moving into the top pick too...if not, I'm betting he's gone by 5.
And then there is MIA trying to move down, only the price tag for No.1 is big bucks and usually, a stack of picks too.
Maybe, if they're really, really want to move down, they take a lesser deal.
Interesting possibility on the Jets from SI.com's Peter KIng

3. I hear Eric Mangini and Jets personnel met with (Chris) Long in Charlottesville on Monday night. Hmmmm. Probably simple fact-finding. But imagine, Jets fans, a front three of 285-pound Shaun Ellis, 330-pound (they hope) Kris Jenkins and 275-pound Long. Not to rumor-monger, but if the Jets, who pick sixth, fell in love with Long, could they give Parcells enough to entice him to trade out of the pick?

Remember, the last time Parcells had the first pick in the draft, 11 years ago, he was running the Jets and traded the pick to St. Louis for Orlando Pace. By the end of that weekend, the Jets had turned the top pick into seven draft choices. Parcells loves to deal.