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    Re: Should ESPN change their Draft Coverge?

    "Purplexing" wrote:
    "PurpleTommyGun9" wrote:
    I thought the draft was on NFL network now.
    My thought was that it is on both for the first round or two or three, then ESPN cuts out.

    Am I wrong?

    I listen to the ESPN radio broadcast, not watch TV, so I can do other things at the same time; e.g. reports, bookeeping, take out the trash, grill burgers, etc.

    OK, re-phrase the question to:

    "Should the ESPN and/or NFL Network..... ?"

    That is ridiculous, I really against things only being played on the NFL network, especially when they were historically free.

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    Re: Should ESPN change their Draft Coverge?

    It's stupid to have one analyst, no matter who he is, wirte all the player evaluations and mock drafts. Kiper just has too much power and suffers no consequences when he is wrong about a player or a mock draft.
    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
    - Prophet

    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: Should ESPN change their Draft Coverge?

    ESPN has never broadcast for "free".
    They have always been traditionally available on most cable packages, and cable costs money.
    Directv offers it on their basic package, as well as your local stations.
    Why would anyone stay with a cable company that doesn't offer NFL Network?
    My directv has never given me one second of trouble, and they aren't always filling up their unsold ad spots convincing me why cable sucks and I should have Directv.
    The old arguement about the local stations costing a couple of bucks a month is stupid as well, because the cable companies won't give you a few bucks off their bill and remove the locals if you ask them to.
    They are included in a paid for package.
    If you are paying for cable and not getting NFL network, that's your problem.
    Switch systems.
    When dial up becomes intolerable, people pay for an upgrade, don't they?

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