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    Re: Seahawks and Vikings play free-agent tag

    "ejmat" wrote:
    I don't think I ever said anything about Nate being a #1 WR. I'm stating that he is a good WR with a good football attitude. Did you ever stop to think that Pep had 4717 yards passing in 2004? Over 1000 went to him. I did "obviously" see that you said while Moss was out. I also stated that stats don't mean evrything. While defenses were busy covering him, pep was able to go to others. If you want to throw out stats while Moss was out, let's throw out the kickreturn he scored for a TD against the Colts getting the Vikings back into it. Do you remember that? I didn't see that in your stats.

    Dude, I'm not putting down what you are saying however, look at the whole picture. It's not all about stats. Again Moss was out for 3 total games and 2 games he tried to play that he couldn't. He was only in like 2 plays each of the other games.

    If he had 150 yards when Moss was out of the game how does that prove your point that he's only good with Moss on the other side?
    The point here is - without being arguementative - that Burleson's only really GOOD game w/o Moss in the lineup was versus Green Bay. His other 3 100+ yd games were with Moss drawing the attention.

    10/17 @NO 6 receptions, 134 yds
    12/19 @DET 5 receptions for 134 yds
    12/24 GB 2 receptions for 110 yds.

    The thing is, Moss puts up those numbers WITH a double. And that, I think, is what we're actually saying.

    We all agree that Nate was a GOOD receiver. We all liked Nate, and I think that given the opportunity, we all would have liked to have kept him. However, since he's now gone, and we're weighing the impact his departure will have, many of us aren't seeing the ripples as being all that big.

    And, both of us agree taht he'll likely do quite well in Seattle...just don't look for pro-bowl numbers from him.


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    Re: Seahawks and Vikings play free-agent tag

    There are a few sayings we used to use back when I installed custom cabinets.

    At the end of the job it was not uncommon for someone to come in and look at your work and say something like " Wow those look great" being the jokers we were we would often reply with either a "It's good enough for who it's for" or a "Well I can't see it from my house, so it looks good to me"

    I think as far as Seattle goes and Nate Burleson "He's good enough for who he is for"

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    Re: Seahawks and Vikings play free-agent tag

    Bottom line is, we got Hutchinson without losing anything but money. They traded a 3rd round pick for Burleson basically which is about what he is worth if not less than that trade valuewise. The Seattle fans think they just played us at our own game, we took the best guard in the NFL and they took a guy who isn't even a top 20 WR while losing a big part in their MVP run game. Just look at it it isn't even close this off-season.

    Vikings Got:

    Steve Hutchinson (Annual Pro Bowler)
    Ben Leber
    Chester Taylor
    Tank Williams
    Tony Richardson (Pro Bowler)
    Ryan Longwell (From Division Rival)
    Mike McMahon


    Michael Bennett (injury prone, diminished skills, not an important part to the team)
    Nate Burleson (Has upside but is still unproven)
    Corey Chavous (Is good but not pro bowl good)
    Sam Cowart (Washed up)
    Daunte Culpepper (Pro Bowler when healthy)
    Melvin Fowler (Back up)
    Raonell Smith (Special Teams)
    Brian Williams (Pretty good player)

    Dont forget we have the most picks in the 1st 3 rounds of any team in the league with a 1st, two 2nd, and two 3rd rounders.

    Now look at them.

    Seattle Got:

    Tom Ashworth
    Nate Burleson
    Russell Davis
    Will Heller
    Julian Peterson (Pro Bowler)


    Andre Dyson
    Ryan Hannam
    Steve Hutchinson
    Joe Jurevicious
    Marquand Manuel

    It is very clear to me that Minnesota filled a lot of their holes with good players while all Seattle did is basically re-sign all their free agents that were there last year. They are a worse team than last year IMO.

    Seattle fans just get on my nerves now, 1 good playoff run in their entire existance and they think they are some holy team that has a whiney coach. Seattle YOU DIDN'T GET BACK AT US YOU GOT RIPPED OFF! DEAL WITH IT!

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    Re: Seahawks and Vikings play free-agent tag

    "Texas_Viking" wrote:
    I think they used him like Moss in those games. He stepped up by catching TDs.

    2004 - 68 Rec 1006 Yds 14.8 Avg 9 TD

    It doesn't matter if he has BIG GAMEs.

    This season, 2004, Moss was on the sideline or a semi decoy for almost half the season. When Moss was hurt and on the field, he wasn't fooling anyone.

    He has good hands.

    He is a good WR.

    Notice I didn't say great. He doesn't get the label great until he puts some back to back years together. Seattle took a chance. Good for them.

    This is a team sport and it is about making plays for your team when you are called upon. During the time Moss was out, 5 games (3 missed totally and in 2 others Moss had 0 rec and left the game early), he had a TD in 4 of the 5 games.

    Del was right, he is going to be good enough for the team that has him. He will catch the ball when he is suppose to.

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