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Thread: running backs

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    Re: running backs

    "olson_10" wrote:
    "badbois" wrote:
    We can't use a high pick on a rb. I think chester will atart and moore will get plenty of time because his style fits the system. onterio will be the primary backup, fason will work short yardage. that's what I think they should do.
    man, take a look at the goal-line runs fason had last year against pittsburgh..3rd and 4th down he tried to bounce outside with the endzone right in front of him..its not his game..his talents lie elsewhere, which is nowhere near any short yardage situation..smith would be far better suited to assume that role because hes the only back we have that likes to run straight up the middle with his head down
    That might work

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    Re: running backs

    "Perch56" wrote:
    onterio is coming back and we got chester so who is our main back. also are we going to get a running back in the draft. i think we should get a back in the draft. what do you think?
    I acctually dont think that Chestor Taylor is a lock at the starting position... I think they brought him as that intention, and to see if anyone would step up their game...I think one person, ciatrick fason, could really step it up, and it wouldnt surprise me if he gave chestor taylor a run for his money! Some of you might think I'm crazy, but he can catch well out of the backfield, and is a good hard runner....I can't wait to see this battle in training camp!! :lol:

    BTW: I found the dates on Training Camp -- July 29th - August 15th

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    Re: running backs

    "Jeremy" wrote:
    "chilifoot" wrote:
    having just one workhorse back is simply not as crucial to a WCO... very few WCO have had one back who carries the ball 25 times a game.... it's a more quick-pass oriented offense, with multiple backs usually shouldering the load.... the offense childress ran in philadelphia never used just one back as the feature back... the WCO in general is an offense that requires less individual talent (i.e. superstars), and more hard-workers who can dedicate themselves to a system which treats each player the same (i.e. no Randy-ratio)... no one player needs to be better than any other because they all have an equal opportunity to get the ball just depending on what the situation calls for

    this is why we didn't go spend our money on a big-name back like James or Lewis, because those guys want the ball 25 times a game... the WCO just doesn't call for that.... now, that's not to say Chester Taylor won't touch the ball that many times in a game, but he won't do it all on the ground... and he won't have to do it all by himself...

    instead we spent our money on one of the most dominant offensive lineman in the league, which suddenly turned a weak spot into a strong point....

    oh, and i don't think we'll spend a single pick on a running back in the draft this year.....

    watch, now we'll take deangelo williams at 17
    If they had a back that could carry the ball 20 times a game they would do it. Shaun Alexander does it in Seattle and Ahman Green did it in Green Bay. Both guys are west coast backs.

    Philli passed all the time becuae McNabb is thir best playmaker. It really depends on what your have on your roster. The west coast offense is very abaptable. I don't see Johnson passing the ball 30+ times a game like McNabb did. They will go with a more balanced attack.
    really? hmmm... so does that explain why we didn't spend money on a workhorse back? right.... i'm sorry, but a WCO does not require just one guy carrying the load....

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    Re: running backs

    taylor all the way, o. smith is going to have to prove himself after what he did, and if he's not out of here, i think he'll be sitting behind MeMo, for a while atleast

    Thanks to PPE for the awesome Sig.

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    Re: running backs

    "seaniemck7" wrote:
    I could not agree more, short yardage is not made for Fason.
    Exactly. Fason is getting the Ron Dayne treatment which doomed his career.
    I think that having Tice fired, will benefit Ciatrick Fason a ton! I dont think that Childress will put Fason as the short yardage back....and I still think that Fason may give Taylor a run for his money! I think that last year, he just wasnt comfortable in the position he was forced into...! I don't know if the organization meant to do this...but it seems like we have a ton more talent at runningback now! Chestor Taylor, Ciatrick Fason (playing his normal game), Mewelde Moore, and maybe Onterrio Smith!!

    Wow! :lol:

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