"VikesfaninWis" wrote:
"whackthepack" wrote:
"NodakPaul" wrote:
I would rather have Chester.
If he can put up 1200 yards without a deep threat on offense, then he is definitely a stud.
Childress and co. deserve kudos for bringing him in.

Sorry Nodak i would ahve to take Portis

1508 rushing yards
364 recieving yards

17 TD's
1591 rushing yards
314 recieving yards

14 TD's
1315 rushing yards
235 recieving yards

(15 games)
1516 rushing yards
216 recieving yards

11 TD's

2006 he was hurt in preseason and never was healthy the entire season, he played some game but his numbers were down.

Still would trade him for Chester and I like Chester but Portis is a weapon.

Are you kidding me? You are going on that when you can't even compare the two? Chester Taylor has been a backup his whole career.. You are going on stats from 2002, and 2003 where I believe Portis was still with the Broncos.. Stevie Wonder could have gotten 1500 yards behind the Broncos line..

In his first season as a starter, Taylor had over 1200 yards rushing.. That was with missing time, and having a suspect O-Line.. Not to mention that Taylor is younger, and has less miles on him.. I will take Chester Taylor any day of the week.. I do respect your opinion however..
No I am not kidding you and I stand exactly by what I wrote!

Portis is 2 years younger than Taylor and is a threat to break it on every play, and I would make that trade in a heartbeat!

He only played his 1st 2 years in Denver and then went to the screwed up Redskins and still put up over 1,300 yards the 1st year and over 1,500 yards the second.