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Thread: Rosenthal out

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    Rosenthal out


    Rosenthal out, more to come
    Thursday, March 1st, 2007 by Kevin Seifert The Vikings have informed OL Mike Rosenthal that he will be released, agent Joe Linta said today. It’s the first confirmed departure of a day that’s also expected to include the release of TE Jermaine Wiggins and possibly CB Fred Smoot as well.

    There had been indications last week that the Vikings planned to keep Rosenthal, albeit at a salary less than the $1.425 million his contract called for. Instead, they will jettison him altogether. Rosenthal started three games last season, but it’s clear the Vikings see youngsters Ryan Cook and Marcus Johnson as more viable long-term options at right tackle.

    Rosenthal was one of the classiest men in the Vikings locker room and will be missed.

    Meanwhile, Linta said he is still negotiating with the Vikings on behalf of another client, G/C Jason Whittle. If the sides do not agree to a deal by tonight, Whittle will become an unrestricted free agent.
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    Re: Rosenthal out

    What about Artis Hicks please cut him and get somebody that can play!
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    Re: Rosenthal out

    Yeah, no kidding.. All of these former Eagles didn't do a dam thing for us last season.. Hopefully Childress learned from his mistakes.. We can't put Donte Stallworth under that label, as he made a name for himself while with the Saints..

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    Re: Rosenthal out

    Link help

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: Rosenthal out

    Class guy or no class guy I'm glad he's gotten the axe.
    Good riddance and Artis Hicks please follow suit! (and smoot)

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    Re: Rosenthal out

    [size=13pt]Vikings Part Ways with Rosenthal[/size]

    Posted Mar 1, 2007

    The Vikings released offensive tackle Mike Rosenthal Thursday, one day after the release of quarterback Brad Johnson.

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    Re: Rosenthal out

    It's beginning to look to me like the Vikes may be doing more in the FA period that is let on by the Vikes.
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    Re: Rosenthal out

    finally! its about time this franchise wisend up! good job childress. it may be your second year but tis not to late to clean house!
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