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Well, some points:

a. I also don't really care that much about who plays QB, if we get the "W"
b. I will admit it if Tarvaris proves me wrong. Until then.. :
c. Tom Brady was a 4th-round pick I think, and started his first season, after "everyone" said he had no track record in the NFL and was thus a 3rd stringer
d. Booty is like Matt Schaub, and will fit our system very well (he already knows the offense from USC, and so doesn't have to learn it from scratch). I agree that Booty would not fit many offenses (Raiders, etc.). But he fits ours very well.

Someone posted a video of Booty's screwups. But hey, I could (but won't) post a video of Tarvaris vs. the Redskins last year.
Tom Brady was a sixth round pick, and he didn't start until his second season.
And he didn't win the starting position, he was thrust in via injury, and played surprisingly well.
Funny how now the Booty supporters are using late round picks making good QB's.

Does anyone remember a lot of those same type of people not liking T-Jack as a QB because he was a 2nd rounder & not a 1st?
There are a ton of 1st round picks that are no longer in the NFL, Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch. I would have to look and do research on who was a QB taken after the 3 round that has had a great NFL career. I say 3rd round because I still believe that a second round still has great value and in some cases maybe even better than some first rounders picked. Tom Brady happens to be the one that most people remember for more recent QB's. I am sure there are QB's that 20-30 years ago would fit into that but I am not sure about QB's from the last 10 tears or so.
Brad Johnson, 9th round
Johnny Unitas, 9th round
Bart Starr, 17th round

Just to name three.
Well look at the guys who have starting jobs right now as late round picks:

Brady - 6th Round
Romo - Undrafted
Bulger - 6th Round
Derek Anderson - 6th Round
Hasselbeck -6th Round
Jon Kitna - Undrafted
David Garrard - 4th Round

Those are all guys who have made deep playoff runs or had Pro Bowl seasons as late round guys.

Of course, for every one of those guys you have a Palmer, Manning (2), Rivers, etc. that was a first round pick and is now successful.


None of those guys started right away and were multi-year projects. Booty will keep the bench warm (no pun intended) for our quarterbacks who have played in the NFL before. Also, Brady rode the pine his rookie year and replaced an injured Bledsoe in 2001.