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    Chad Greenway


    Height: 6-foot-4
    Weight: 244 pounds
    Class Year: Sr
    Experience: 3V
    High School: Mount Vernon
    Hometown: Mount Vernon, SD

    NFL Draft Summary
    Frank Coyle: Greenway is a terrific addition at a troubled area on the Vikings' defense. He is excellent value here, and is a defender with the talent to start immediately and at a few positions. He was rated a top-13 prospect.
    Check the team picks

    Pros: Has rare speed for a linebacker and fine instincts, gives total effort at all times and has exceptional coverage ability. Has the hip flip and movement skills of many safeties after previous experience at that position. A downhill player who is able to makes plays all over the field and does a good job of playing off blockers and getting through traffic. He understands his responsibilities in the defensive scheme and carries them out perfectly, like another coach on the field. He stays in his lanes and does well at turning the play back inside or stringing it out to the sidelines without giving ground. A mature and intelligent person with outstanding work habits and fine character who is an avid film watcher in the mold of a Zach Thomas. He has an excellent burst of speed and quickness when attacking forward, displaying upside as a pass rusher in the right scheme though not always utilized to the fullest in that role in college. A natural and fluid athlete who moves very well, both forward and in reverse. He competes as well as anyone in this draft and is as well prepared to start as a rookie.

    Cons: He needs to get stronger to be more consistently quick getting off blocks, but is a sure tackler with top instincts. His performance on the bench at the Combine (16 reps) was significantly below par for this class. Also needs to add lower-body strength. Must improve man-to-man pass coverage ability to be complete player.
    Numbers: As a senior in 2005, he posted 156 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 8 passes defended, 1 QB hurry and 1 pick. At the Combine, he weighed in at 242 pounds and did 16 reps. He ran a 4.78 and had a 33.5-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot, 9-inch broad jump,

    Cedric Griffin


    Height: 6-foot-2
    Weight: 193 pounds
    Class Year: Sr
    Experience: 3V
    High School: Holmes
    Hometown: San Antonio, TX

    NFL Draft Summary
    Frank Coyle: Vikings needed help in the secondary after losing two veterans in free agency. Griffin is a big corner with some experience at safety. He should play in nickel and dime defenses early in his career. This was a surprise pick with corners Ashton Youboty and Richard Marshall on the board.
    Check the team picks

    Pros: Griffin split time between strong safety and cornerback. He was moved to corner permanently as a sophomore. His versatility to play safety will help his grade, but he will get his first look on the corner where his size, toughness, experience and athletic ability give him a chance to play early. He shows playmaking ability in run support where he led the secondary in tackles as a junior. He is able to effectively jam receivers at the line. His fine size, speed and toughness also project him to the safety spot as well. As a corner, he would fit well with teams that use cover-2 schemes like New England, Tampa or Indianapolis.

    Cons: He does not have top-end track speed and his recovery speed is only adequate with some real questions about man situations against fast receivers. He has a good backpedal, but will lose a step in transition. He is not sudden in his speed, but relies on building up speed. He needs to show better cover skills against NFL-caliber talent to earn playing time.

    Numbers: At the Combine, he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.52 seconds with a 35.5” vertical jump and 10’5” broad jump. He did 17 reps in the 225-pound bench press.

    Ryan Cook


    Height: 6-foot-7
    Weight: 320 pounds
    Class Year: Sr
    Experience: 3V
    High School: Cibola
    Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

    NFL Draft Summary
    Frank Coyle: Vikings need offensive lineman and reached here for a prospect with size and versatility. He figures to push for playing time at center or guard, but was not considered a top-100 prospect. He does have size, experience, smarts and enough athletic ability to start in time.
    Check the team picks

    Pros: His ability to handle defensive tackles in single assignments impressed NFL scouts. He has the athletic ability and versatility to play any inside position. He is one of the biggest centers to come along in many a year, and has a huge wingspan that projects him to tackle by many scouts.

    Cons: He is cut high for the pivot and fails to play with consistent leverage - making him vulnerable against powerful, shorter defensive tackles. He has problems with playing too tall and not bending his knees. Defenders often get position on him get under his pads. He has limited speed to get to the second level. Lack of body control limits him as a blocker in space. He does not show a lot of power in his punch and is more of a grab and hold type blocker with his hands.

    Numbers: At the Combine he ran a 5.45 and did 28 reps. Posted a 26.5-inch vertical jump and an 8’1” broad jump.

    Tarvaris Jackson


    Height: 6-foot-3
    Weight: 225 pounds
    Class Year: Sr
    Hometown: Montgomery, AL

    Alabama St.

    NFL Draft Summary
    Frank Coyle: Vikings had to have a future passer after trading Daunte Culpepper to the Dolphins. Jackson is a talented, underdeveloped prospect who needs a lot of work. He is the biggest reach of the first day so far. He will sit and learn and has interesting upside, but could have been selected much later.
    Check the team picks

    Pros: Has a live arm with excellent mobility to give his offense a versatile threat. Has adequate size with fine footwork and the arm strength NFL scouts seek in a prospect. He moves well in the pocket and can be dangerous on the perimeter where his speed and running skills give his offense a real weapon to pressure a defense.

    Cons: As a passer, he is still considered a developmental prospect after playing in a basic offense. He needs work on most areas of play, especially his passing where his accuracy can be erratic.

    Numbers: At the Combine, he ran a 4.69 with a 31.5-inch vertical jump and an 8-foot, 11-inch broad jump. As a senior, he started 11 games and attempted 320 passes with 195 completions for a 61 percent rate and 2941 yards. He had 29 TDs and five picks while running 103 times for 482 yards and three TDs.

    Some of this info probably has been posted but i saw this site and it has all the teams posted and all the picks so far!!!

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    Re: Thoughts!

    Ryan Cook......."He has the athletic ability and versatility to play any inside position."

    we have a right guard now..MJ can move to RT for good
    People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.

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    Re: Thoughts!

    "olson_10" wrote:
    Ryan Cook......."He has the athletic ability and versatility to play any inside position."

    we have a right guard now..MJ can move to RT for good

    IDK, i think with his size he would be a better RT than MJ!!! IMO

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