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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Raiders want a Viking, and it's not Daunte.

    Wittle will start ahead of rosey.

    If we lose Jabba the gut, we will be fine.

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    Re: Raiders want a Viking, and it's not Daunte.

    "aceclown" wrote:
    "seaniemck7" wrote:
    I don't have faith in Fonoti's work ethic. I just don't. Childress would try to whip his fat jiggly butt into shape, and I think he would cry 'injury'.
    You better stick to your word 2 years from now when Fonoti is earning pro-bowl honors.
    This is what I foresee happening with Fonoti: he signs a one year deal with the Raiders, gets motivated for a big contract and gets to a respectable playing weight, does well, gets a multi-year deal, then blows up to 400+lbs again.

    He won't be a Pro Bowler in 2 years.

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    Re: Raiders want a Viking, and it's not Daunte.

    "seaniemck7" wrote:
    Minny acquired him mid October and was not in shape/ready to play until the Nov 21st game against the Packers in which he got hurt. That is when he was put on the injured reserve.
    I dont think he was at all in shape (let alone game shape) when they threw him in there against the Pack. I saw him in person at Charlotte (Daunte's final game as a Viking) and he looked like one of those fat guys you see leaving the food court at the mall that is struggling walking to his car because it is too much work. He was taking the fat-guy steps. He wasnt even being allowed to practice because of his weight, then all of the sudden he practices a couple days that week before the Pack game, and they activate him, deactivating the starter(Lewinski I think). Thus effectively saying OK big boy you are not only playing, but we expect you can play the whole game.

    You may recall the season was in turmoil at that time, and Tices job in severe jeopardy. I remember thinking when I heard this that there is no way that Fonoti is ready to play, and even Tice admitted it, saying something along the lines of "He probably isnt ready physically or up to speed on the playbook, but with the dismal play of our line I want to shake things up a little." So if you watch that game, which I recently did again on TiVo Fonoti couldnt hardly get out of a three point stance it was pathietic, several times he just lined up in a two point stance and he still was just getting absolutely blown away. HE SIMPLY WAS NOT PHYSICALLY READY! Then big surprised he hurts his hamstring in that game. I blame that injury on Tice and the staff playing a guy who clearly was not ready.

    It was a sad deal overall, and I hope that is not the only extent of seeing him in a Vikings jersey that we get to see.

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    Re: Raiders want a Viking, and it's not Daunte.

    Hey guys, i just thought i'd put my 2 cents worth in. Do ya think maybe Chidress and his coaches looked at films of our O-line and decided it needed help?, It seemed Fonoti wasn't that impressive (imo) so they deciced to get some competition in here not just for Fonoti but for the rest of the )-line as well. just a thought.

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    Re: Raiders want a Viking, and it's not Daunte.

    IMO we need to keep Fonoti.

    DCPologirl:Maybe Randy will make Aaron Brooks look better......roflmao Del Rio: I guarantee he will

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