"cajunvike" wrote:
"collegeguyjeff" wrote:
heck, pepper will be out for a while, johnson could go down and our other quarterback sucks. i wouldn't mind grabbing 2 qb's in the draft one for 3rd string and a back up for johnson which sounds real crazy especially with pepper on the team still but hey why pay a free agent big bucks when we can get a young guy in a later round and take a chance on him for the heck of it.
Easier to pick up someone in FA that will play for the minimum (with NO signing bonus)...someone that could actually step in and perform if BJ does go down!
yeah that works too probably the best thing to do but we could have a young guy then and dump that jt lossman cause he isn't going anywhere. i just don't want somebody like todd bouman oh i have a few good games throwing to randy moss and gang i deserve to be a starter in this league. ha ha