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    Re: Put your Vikings draft grades and analysis here

    "WisconsinSucks" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    [size=18px]Draft =[/size]

    Draft = Craps?
    Not craps...... a GAMBLE !!!!!!
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    Re: Put your Vikings draft grades and analysis here

    "chilifoot" wrote:
    1st round, 17th pick - Chad Greenway, OLB
    Grade A+
    This is a great pick. I initially hoped that Sims would fall to us at 17, but in hindsight, I'm glad we got Greenway instead. Greenway fills a position of need with a good combination of skills, smarts, and character. He will contribute immediately, possibly starting for us from day 1. He will be a major part of our defense and a team leader for years to come.

    2nd round, 48th pick - Cedric Griffin, DB
    Grade A+
    Griffin may not have been the flashiest of choices, with players like Ashton Youboty and Richard Marshall still available. However, he was a three-year starter for one of the best programs in the nation which means he faced top talent on a regular basis. Griffin's a smart, tough player who should excel in a cover-2 scheme. He also has the versatility to play either safety or corner which just gives us more depth in the secondary.

    2nd round, 51st pick - Ryan Cook, OL
    Grade D-
    Now, Cook may end up being a great player for us, but I just can't see taking him here when there were other players on the board who held more value (specifically 2nd round value). I may not know as much about this as the great Fran Foley, but I would expect us to wait a little longer than the 2nd round to start reaching for 4th or 5th round linemen. I just can't see how the TOA can talk about drafting with "best player available" mentality and then taking a 2nd day prospect in round 2. The only thing that keeps me from giving this an F is the fact that it adds more depth to the line because Cook can play tackle and center.

    2nd round, 64th pick - Tarvaris Jackson, QB
    Grade C+
    This pick was alright. To be honest, I'm just glad we didn't take Brodie "Brittle Knees" Croyle. Jackson is an efficient passer with good athletisicm, but will he be ready to step in for Brad Johnson soon enough?

    4th round, 127th pick - Ray Edwards, DE
    Grade D
    I know you can never have enough pass rushers, but it seems as though we could have done better at this spot. Edwards is not the type of high-motor or high-character guy I would want on my team.... in fact he's lazy and unmotivated. I would have liked to seen us take Ryan O'Callaghan, G out of California here, as he was a first day prospect who slipped.

    5th round, 149th pick - Greg Blue, FS
    Grade B
    This is a guy who could have gone a lot higher if he was faster and had better ball-skills, but as it is, we landed him at a bargain price. He's a hard hitter and will be a contributor on special teams as well as add needed depth to our secondary. He may also play LB in the future depending how things pan out.

    I'll include the acquisition of Artis Hicks in here as well. He's a guy who may start some games for us, which in my book means that giving up a sixth and sliding back in the 4th makes it a good deal. I'll factor the trade into the overall Draft Grade.

    Overall Grade C+
    Greenway and Griffin are two excellent picks. Both could be playing for us for a long time and they pull the rest of a lackluster draft out of the gutter.
    Yeah I agree with you on the first 2 rounds only because I never watched the others play
    Thanks for the sig Pack93z

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